Adams Site

Part of: Iroquoian Ceramic Data

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This is a Seneca site (Hne 30-3) c. A.D. 1570, located in Livingston County, Livonia Township.

Sample size (vessels) = 70

Charles Wray Collection (now Rock Foundation) = 47

Heye Foundation (now Museum of the American Indian) = 23.

Forty-three of the vessels in this sample were whole, including all in the Heye Foundation. These latter pots were acquired from Harry Schoff. Certain of these were catalogued as General Adams, others as Adams. General Adams was the mid-19th century designation for the Tram site, a site temporally and spatially close to the Adams site. According to Charles Wray who frequently dug with Schoff, one may assume that the pottery in the Heye Foundation labeled General Adams and dug by Schoff is from the Adams site. Provenience information: 00 in columns 3 and 4 = village and misc., 01 in columns 3 and 4 = burials. These ceramic attributes were recorded in 1970.

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