Factory Hollow

Factory Hollow, Hne 7-2, (a.k.a. Shattock, Fort Hill) is a Seneca site located in West Bloomfield Township, Ontario County. It is believed to date between A.D. 1605-1625 (Martha Sempowski and Lorraine Saunders). Sample = 379 vessels (Charles Wray of West Rush = 247 [now Rock Foundation], Rochester Museum and Science Center = 71, Donald Cameron of Lima = 24, New York State Museum = 20, Heye Foundation [now Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian] = 10, St. Bernard's Seminary in Rochester = 3, Newton Farrell of Geneva = 2, Claire Bill of Canandaigua = 2). Ceramics coded as 01 in columns 3 and 4 are from burials. These attributes were recorded in1970.

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