ACRA News and ACRA Edition

ACRA Newsletters (Includes ACRA News and ACRA Edition)

In 1995, with the formation of ACRA, the organizational publication called ACRA News began. Initially, the costs for publication was largely borne by ACRA but, in part, subsidized by Gray & Pape, Inc. In the first edition of the newsletter in October 1995 the following was stated: This publication’s purpose is to provide members with the latest information on the association’s activities and to provide up to date information on federal and state legislative activities. With the publication of the September 1996 issue (Vol. 2:8), ACRA News became the ACRA Edition.

These two publications have kept abreast of news of the cultural resources industry since 1995. The ACRA Edition moved its production facilities from Gray & Pape, Inc., in the late 1990s, but it is still edited by Jeanne Harris and has continued to serve the cultural resources community throughout the United States. In the future, it is anticipated that the reach of ACRA, as well as it’s newsletter, will eventually extend beyond the borders of this country, to include Heritage Resources issues important to sister trade associations located in Canada, Europe, and Asia and other parts of the world.