Part of: Iceland

The site of Hornbrekka is located at 19o23’20”E, 65o56’2”N, about 2.5 km from the inner fjords eastern coast in Skagafjörður, 50 meters above sea level on a steep slope. The site was first surveyed by Karen Milek in 2001. The 2009 excavation at Hornbrekka focused on the dwelling and midden and took place on the 4th -26th of August in 2009. The team was led by Ágústa Edwald and included Dr. Karen Milek, Véronique Forbes, Liam Lanigan, Nicholas Sepúlveda and Oddgeir Isaksson. Faunal remains were sent to CUNY where it was analyzed by Megan T. Hicks with Norman Kennard and (Hunter college BA/MA program, Archaeology), and Ramona Harrison (CUNY PhD Program in Archaeology). Midden deposits found during the 2009 excavation post-date the late 17th century, and the majority likely post-date 1800 (Edwald 2009) making the site securely post-medieval.