Part of: Iceland

Since its discovery in 1998 by Orri Vésteinsson, excavations at the site of Sveigakot in Mývatnssveit in N Iceland have been carried out by the Archaeological Institute Iceland (FSĺ), with the major midden deposits excavated 1999-2001 (see Vésteinsson 1998, 2001, 2002, 2003, Vésteinsson et al 2002, 2003, Friðriksson Vésteinsson et al 2004, McGovern, Perdikaris et al 2001). Investigations at the site are ongoing, but as the major bone-bearing midden deposits have been completed it may be timely to provide a full report on the archaeofauna from these contexts ahead of the planned site monograph. The investigations at Sveigakot are part of a larger international Landscapes of Settlement project, which carries out site survey, environmental investigations and excavations of other Viking Age- Early Modern sites in the same region.