A Sondum

Part of: Faroes

The site of Á Sondum (SNR) is located in the village of Sandur, on Sandoy, Faroe Islands. The site is located on the opposite end of the bay from the site of Undir Junkarinsfløtti, and like that site has been subject to significant coastal erosion. Á Sondum was first investigated archaeologically in 1994 (Jensen 1995). This excavation, which produced a meager archaeofaunal assemblage (McGovern et al. 2004), was followed up by paleoenvironmental sampling in 2002, and then by more extensive archaeological investigation in 2006 and 2007 (Adderley and Simpson 2005, Arge et al. 2010, Brewington 2012, Church et al. 2013). These most recent excavations at Á Sondum yielded the earliest securely-dated archaeological deposits for the Faroes thus far, confirming human settlement in the islands by the 4th – 6th centuries CE (Church et al. 2013).