E68 Timerliit

Part of: Greenland

Ø68 Timerliit Excavation Project - IPY - 2008

Permalink: http://www.nabohome.org/cgi-bin/explore.pl?seq=160

Excavation of a midden at a Norse farm in inland area of Vatnahverfi, Eastern Settlement.

Ø68 is a small size Norse farm in the inland district of Vatnahverfi. Even though the main goal to generate a large, well preserved and stratified zooarchaeological collection was not fully achieved, we were still able to generate a small, stratified collection. The thorough excavation throughout the whole midden deposition sequence enabled us to take bone and charcoal (local flora, not driftwood) samples from all layers, which will be used to date the settlement and abandonment of this farm through AMS C14 dating. Soil, micro-morphology, botanical, and ancient DNA samples were taken for analysis by specialists, and we hope to be able to reconstruct the vegetation conditions in this part of Vatnahverfi region prior, and during the human settlement, and compare it to modern conditions.

Smiarowski, Konrad. (2008) Archaeological Investigations in Vatnahverfi, Greenland 2008 Season Preliminary Report. NORSEC IPY Report, available on line www.nabohome.org.