E78 KNK 203

Part of: Greenland

Recovery and Excavation: The 2006 rescue project followed standard NABO bone recovery protocols (stratigraphic excavation, complete sieving through 4 mm mesh dry sieve with substantial whole soil samples retained for flotation) and zooarchaeologist Konrad Smiarowski was a member of the field crew and was able to assist in bone recovery at both E74 and E29N

(Brattahlið/Qassiarsuk) in 2006. The field recovery of bone and other ecofacts was thus directly comparable between the two Greenlandic sites and with NABO excavations in Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

E74 represents work in progress by its excavator and zooarchaeologist Konrad Smiarowski. Once the information on the site and the data is ready to be presented in at least preliminary format, it will be uploaded.