Cultural Resource Study of a Proposed Electric Line from Jade to the Sand Hills, Imperial County, California


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Cultural Resource Study of a Proposed Electric Line from Jade to the Sand Hills, Imperial County, California. Carol J. Walker, Charles S. Bull, Jay von Werlhof. 1981 ( tDAR id: 37960)

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SURVEY) 4-IMP-315 4-IMP-316 4-IMP-317 4-IMP-318 4-IMP-3186-H 4-IMP-319 4-IMP-321 4-IMP-3261 4-IMP-330 4-IMP-3309-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3310-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3311-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3312-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3313-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3321-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3322-H (1854 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3323-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3324-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O SURVEY) 4-IMP-3325-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3326-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3327-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-334 4-IMP-335 4-IMP-3395-H (1854 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3396-H (1854 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3401-H 4-IMP-3402-H 4-IMP-3407-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3408-H (1854 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3409 (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3410-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3411-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3412-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3413-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3414-H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-34150H (1856 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-344 4-IMP-345 4-IMP-346 4-IMP-3491-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3492-H (1880 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3493-H (1884 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3494-H (1884 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3496-H (1884 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3498-H (1884 U.S.G.L.O. SURVEY) 4-IMP-3505-H 4-IMP-354 4-IMP-355 4-IMP-364 4-IMP-3648-H 4-IMP-3649-H 4-IMP-365 4-IMP-375 4-IMP-376 4-IMP-381 4-IMP-382 4-IMP-383 4-IMP-386 4-IMP-428 4-IMP-433 4-IMP-434 4-IMP-442 4-IMP-446 4-IMP-447 4-IMP-448 4-IMP-451 4-IMP-455 4-IMP-48 4-IMP-49 4-IMP-50 4-IMP-51 4-IMP-52 4-IMP-53 4-IMP-54 4-IMP-55 4-IMP-56 4-IMP-57 4-IMP-58 4-IMP-721 4-IMP-722 4-IMP-723 4-IMP-724-I 4-IMP-726 4-IMP-727 4-IMP-728 4-IMP-729 4-IMP-73 4-IMP-730 4-IMP-731 4-IMP-732 4-IMP-733 4-IMP-734 4-IMP-735 4-IMP-736 4-IMP-737 4-IMP-738 4-IMP-739 4-IMP-74 4-IMP-740-I 4-IMP-741 4-IMP-742 4-IMP-743 4-IMP-744 4-IMP-745 4-IMP-746 4-IMP-747 4-IMP-748 4-IMP-749 4-IMP-75 4-IMP-751 4-IMP-752 4-IMP-753 4-IMP-754 4-IMP-755 4-IMP-756 4-IMP-758 4-IMP-759 4-IMP-760 4-IMP-764 4-IMP-766 4-IMP-767 4-IMP-768 4-IMP-769 4-IMP-771 4-IMP-772 4-IMP-773 4-IMP-774 4-IMP-775 4-IMP-777 4-IMP-778 4-IMP-779 4-IMP-780 4-IMP-781 4-IMP-79 4-IMP-791 4-IMP-806-I 4-IMP-808 4-IMP-816 4-IMP-818 4-IMP-9 4-IMP-910 4-IMP-911 4-IMP-912 4-IMP-928 4-IMP-929 4-IMP-930 4-IMP-931 4-IMP-932 4-IMP-933 4-IMP-934 4-IMP-935 4-IMP-936 4-IMP-937 4-IMP-938 4-IMP-939 4-IMP-940 4-IMP-942 4-IMP-943 4-IMP-944 4-IMP-945 4-IMP-946 4-IMP-948 4-IMP-949 4-IMP-95 4-IMP-950 4-IMP-951 4-IMP-952 4-IMP-953 4-IMP-954 4-IMP-955-I 4-IMP-956 4-IMP-958 4-IMP-959 4-IMP-96 4-IMP-960 4-IMP-964 4-IMP-966 4-IMP-967 4-IMP-968 4-IMP-969 4-IMP-97 4-IMP-970 4-IMP-971 4-IMP-972 4-IMP-973 4-IMP-974 4-IMP-975 4-IMP-976 4-IMP-977 4-IMP-978 4-IMP-979 4-IMP-98 4-IMP-980 4-IMP-981 4-IMP-982 4-IMP-983 4-IMP-984 4-IMP-985 4-IMP-986 4-IMP-989 4-IMP-99 4-IMP-990 4-IMP-991 4-IMP-993 4-IMP-994 4-IMP-995 4-IMP-996 4-IMP-997 4-IMP-998 4-IMP-999 Bedrock Milling Bone Fragments Burials Cairns Campsite Cave Shelter Ceramic Cache Cremation Cross Road From San Diego Cultural Resource Express Trail To Fort Yuma Historic Trash Dump Indian Wells Lithic Lithic Shop Mesquite Grove Mesquite Thicket Military Cairns Military Telegraph Line Mountain Springs Stage Station Possible Cremation Roasting Pit Rock Feature (Unknown Type) Rockshelter Sleeping Circle Sleeping Circles Stage Road Temporary Camp Trail Marker Trial Unknown Wagon Road Show More

Geographic Keywords
06025 (Fips Code) Bonds Corner 7.5' California (State / Territory) Carrizo Mtn. 7.5' Grays Well 7.5' Heber 7.5' Imperial (County) In-Ko-Pah Gorge 7.5' Lithic'3'4-Imp-913-I Midway Well 7.5' Midway Well NW 7.5' Mount Signal 7.5' North America (Continent) Painted Gorge 7.5' Plaster City 7.5' San Diego To Yuma Road United States of America (Country) Yuha Basin 7.5'

Spatial Coverage

min long: -116.106; min lat: 32.619 ; max long: -114.463; max lat: 33.434 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Sponsor(s): U.S. Department of the Interior

Prepared By(s): Carol J. Walker

Record Identifiers

NADB document id number(s): 1100233

NADB citation id number(s): 000000140836


General Note: Submitted to: U.S. Department of the Interior

General Note: Sent from: Carol J. Walker