Prehistoric and Historic Steps and Trails of Glen Canyon-Lake Powell

Author(s): Natalie B. Pattison; Loren D. Potter

Year: 1977


Prior to the flooding of Lake Powell and the establishment of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, an ambitious salvage program was completed by The Museum of Northern Arizona and The University of Utah. Many instances of prehistoric and historic steps and trails were recorded. While conducting shoreline ecology research, we became interested in the trail system as disclosed by the steps and trails still evident along the shore.

Steps, as pecked by stone tools or picked by metal tools, and linked trails along the shore of the lake and those now submerged are inventoried and located. A trail system is mapped as far as present information allows. Resource utilization by user groups and changing travel patterns, as evidenced by the step and trail system, are briefly discussed. These groups include prehistoric and historic Indians, missionary-explorers, miners and stockmen.

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Prehistoric and Historic Steps and Trails of Glen Canyon-Lake Powell. Natalie B. Pattison, Loren D. Potter. 1977 ( tDAR id: 427889) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8427889

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