Finding Aid, Survey of 8250 Acres of Timber Harvest Area at Strom Thurmond Lake 1996- 1997


This collection is referred to as "Survey of 8250 Acres of Timber Harvest Area at Strom Thurmond Lake 1996-1997.” This name is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folders, and the box labels. The extent of this collection is nine (9) linear inches.

The documents date from 1997 to 1998. The investigation took place in 1996 and the final report was submitted in 1997, which explains the date range in the project name. The range of dates within the collection also includes later correspondence regarding the transfer of the collection. The documents were originally stored in an acidic cardboard box in acidic folders with other document collections from the Strom Thurmond Lake area. One item, consisting of a letter and envelope, were removed from the associated artifact collection, cleaned, and rehoused with the document collection. The material was originally organized into folders with descriptive titles. The folder titles were generally retained.

The documents were in good condition, but there were a few tears present throughout the documents, which required mending with acid-free mending tape. Acidic tape was also found within the document collection, and this was removed. Parts II and III of the final report contained various figures and pictures that were printed on paper and were adhered to the pages of the documents. Many figures and pictures were peeling away from the original pages, so the 2012 Alexandria technicians removed all of the figures and pictures, cleaned and mended the materials (when necessary) and re-attached the materials to their designated pages within the final report with acid-free mending tape.

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Finding Aid, Survey of 8250 Acres of Timber Harvest Area at Strom Thurmond Lake 1996- 1997. Andrew Pedry, Eric Bevard, Sitney Bounpraseuth. 2014 ( tDAR id: 438643) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8CN76P8


Ceramic Chipped Stone Fauna Glass Metal

Site Name
9EB115 9EB485 9EB493 9EB494 9EB495 9EB504 9EB507 9EB511 9EB523 9EB566 9EB567 9EB568 9EB569 9EB570 9EB571 9EB572 9EB573 9EB574 9EB575 9EB576 9EB577 9EB578 9EB579 9EB580 9EB581 9EB582 9EB583 9EB584 9EB585 9EB586 9EB587 9EB588 9EB589 9EB590 9EB591 9EB592 9EB593 9EB594 9EB595 9EB596 9EB597 9EB598 9EB599 9EB600 9EB601 9EB602 9EB603 9EB604 9EB605 9EB606 9EB607 9EB608 9EB609 9EB610 9EB611 9EB612 9EB613 9EB614 9EB615 9EB616 9EB617 9EB618 9EB619 9EB620 9EB621 9EB622 9EB623 9EB624 9EB625 9EB626 9EB627 9EB628 9EB629 9EB630 9EB631 9EB632 9EB633 9EB634 9EB635 9LC141 9LC208 9LC210 9LC229 9LC230 9LC245 9LC251 9LC254 9LC256 9LC274 9LC277 9LC283 9LC284 9LC296 9LC297 9LC298 9LC299 9LC300 9LC301 9LC302 9LC303 9LC304 9LC305 9LC306 9LC307 9LC308 9LC309 9LC310 9LC311 9LC312 9LC313 9LC314 9LC315 9LC316 9LC317 9LC318 9LC319 9LC320 9LC321 9LC322 9LC323 9LC324 9LC325 9LC326 9LC327 9LC328 9LC329 9LC330 9LC331 9LC332 9LC333 9LC334 9LC335 9LC336 9LC337 9LC338 9LC339 9LC340 9LC341 9LC342 9LC343 9LC344 9LC345 9LC346 9LC347 9LC348 9LC349 9LC350 9LC351 9LC352 9LC353 9LC354 9LC355 9LC356 9LC357 9LC358 9LC359 9LC360 9LC361 9LC362 9LC363 9LC364 9LC365 9LC366 9LC367 9LC368 9LC369 9LC37 9LC370 9LC371 9LC372 9LC373 9LC374 9LC375 9LC376 9LC377 9LC378 9LC379 9LC38 9LC380 9LC381 9LC382 9LC383 9LC384 9LC385 9LC386 9LC387 9LC388 9LC389 9LC390 9LC391 9LC392 9LC393 9LC394 9LC395 9LC396 9LC397 9LC398 9LC399 9LC400 9LC401 9LC402 9LC403 9LC404 9LC405 9LC406 9LC407 9LC408 9LC409 9LC410 9LC411 9LC412 9LC413 9LC414 9LC415 9LC416 9LC417 9LC418 9LC419 9LC420 9LC421 9LC422 9LC423 9LC424 9LC425 9LC426 9LC427 9LC428 9LC429 9LC430 9LC431 9LC432 9LC433 9LC434 9LC435 9LC436 9LC437 9LC438 9LC439 9LC440 9LC441 9LC442 9LC443 9LC444 9LC445 9LC446 9LC447 9LC448 9LC449 9LC450 9LC451 9LC452 9LC453 9LC454 9LC455 9LC456 9LC457 Show More

Site Type
Artifact Scatter Cemetery Historic Structure Town / City

Spatial Coverage

min long: -82.829; min lat: 33.436 ; max long: -81.84; max lat: 34.112 ;

Record Identifiers

Delivery Order No.(s): 0025

Contract No.(s): DAWC21-93-D-0040


General Note: The digital materials in this collection were processed by the Veterans Curation Program (VCP), and include the artifact catalog, artifact report, final reports, finding aid, scanned asset key, and select artifact photographs. Additional digital materials held by the VCP include a draft report and shovel test inventory. For additional information on these materials, refer to the finding aid.

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