Mills, Mines, a Mound and Maybe a Haunted House: Archeological Survey of 3040 Acres at J. Strom Thurmon (Clark Hill) Lake, Geogia, Volume II: Site Forms, Archaeological Survey of 3040 Acres at Strom Thurmond Lake 1997-1999


In order to comply with federal regulations concerning the protection of important archeological resources (National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended; Executive Order 11593), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Savannah District, and the J. Strom Thurmond Project, sponsored the survey of 3040 ac prior to timber harvesting. Archeological sites judged to have research potential (i.e., that are eligible or potentially eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places) will be protected by excluding them from timber harvesting.

Portions of two land management compartments, both located in Georgia, were surveyed. Compartment 1, consisting of 1561 ac, is located in McDuffie County on a peninsula formed by the confluence of Big Creek and Hart Creek. Compartment 6, totalling approximately 1479 ac, is located in the upper reaches of the reservoir at Anthony Shoals on the Broad River. This tract includes portions of Elbert, Wilkes, and Lincoln Counties.

The survey was conducted in December, 1997 and January, 1998 by Southeastern Archeological Services, Inc. A total of 287 cultural resources was found, consisting of 229 sites and 58 artifact occurrences. The sites date from the Early Archaic period (ca. 7500 B.C) through the mid twentieth century. Within Compartment 1, nineteenth to twentieth century gold mining seems to have affected site density. The actual mines (Columbia and Hamilton) are located immediately north and outside of the survey tract, but the compartment contains numerous house sites and small prospecting pits. A previously unreported cemetery was also found.

The presence of Anthony Shoals affected site size and density in Compartment 6. Key prehistoric sites include the Anthony Shoals site (9WS51), which is a stratified multicomponent site located on the river levee, and Miller’s Mound (9WS264), situated on a high hilltop overlooking the shoals. The mound has been damaged by looters, but overall it is in relatively good condition. It probably dates to the Cartersville phase of the Middle Woodland period (ca. 200 B.C. - A.D. 600). It is the only Woodland period mound in the upper Savannah River valley.

Also noteworthy is the discovery of sites containing protohistoric pottery in Compartment 6. These are the only sites from this time period that have been reported in this portion of the valley.

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Mills, Mines, a Mound and Maybe a Haunted House: Archeological Survey of 3040 Acres at J. Strom Thurmon (Clark Hill) Lake, Geogia, Volume II: Site Forms, Archaeological Survey of 3040 Acres at Strom Thurmond Lake 1997-1999. Chad O. Braley. 1998 ( tDAR id: 440534) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8M90CJ0


Archaic Early Archaic Early Woodland Late Archaic Middle Archaic Mississippian Woodland

Ceramic Chipped Stone Glass

Site Name
9EB51 9EB636 9EB637 9EB638 9EB639 9EB640 9EB641 9EB642 9EB643 9EB644 9EB645 9EB646 9EB647 9EB648 9EB649 9EB650 9EB651 9EB652 9EB653 9EB654 9EB655 9EB656 9EB657 9EB658 9EB659 9EB660 9EB661 9EB662 9EB663 9EB664 9EB665 9EB666 9EB667 9EB668 9EB669 9EB67 9EB670 9EB671 9EB672 9EB673 9EB674 9EB675 9EB676 9EB677 9LC1000 9LC1001 9LC1002 9LC1003 9LC1004 9LC19 9LC984 9LC985 9LC986 9LC987 9LC988 9LC989 9LC990 9LC991 9LC992 9LC993 9LC994 9LC995 9LC996 9LC997 9LC998 9LC999 9MF286 9MF287 9MF344 9MF345 9MF346 9MF347 9MF348 9MF349 9MF350 9MF351 9MF352 9MF353 9MF354 9MF355 9MF356 9MF357 9MF358 9MF359 9MF360 9MF361 9MF362 9MF363 9MF364 9MF365 9MF366 9MF367 9MF368 9MF369 9MF370 9MF371 9MF372 9MF373 9MF374 9MF375 9MF376 9MF377 9MF378 9MF379 9MF380 9MF381 9MF382 9MF385 9MF386 9MF387 9MF388 9MF389 9MF390 9MF391 9MF392 9MF393 9MF394 9MF395 9MF396 9MF397 9MF398 9MF399 9MF400 9MF401 9MF402 9MF403 9MF404 9MF405 9MF406 9MF407 9MF408 9MF409 9MF410 9MF411 9MF412 9MF413 9MF414 9MF415 9MF416 9MF417 9MF418 9MF419 9MF42 9MF420 9MF421 9MF422 9MF423 9MF424 9MF425 9MF426 9MF427 9MF429 9MF430 9MF431 9MF432 9MF433 9MF434 9MF435 9MF436 9MF437 9MF438 9MF439 9MF440 9MF441 9MF442 9MF443 9MF444 9MF445 9MF446 9MF447 9MF448 9MF449 9WS264 9WS265 9WS266 9WS267 9WS268 9WS269 9WS270 9WS271 9WS272 9WS273 9WS274 9WS275 9WS276 9WS277 9WS278 9WS279 9WS280 9WS281 9WS282 9WS283 9WS284 9WS285 9WS286 9WS287 9WS288 9WS289 9WS290 9WS291 9WS292 9WS293 9WS294 9WS295 9WS296 9WS297 9WS298 9WS299 9WS300 9WS301 9WS302 9WS303 9WS304 9WS305 9WS306 9WS307 9WS308 9WS309 9WS310 9WS311 9WS312 9WS313 9WS314 9WS315 9WS316 9WS317 9WS48 9WS51 Anthony Shoals Site Miller's Mound Show More

Site Type
Cemetery Commercial or Industrial Structures Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Factory / Workshop Funerary and Burial Structures or Features Mine Mine-Related Structures Platform Mound Resource Extraction / Production / Transportation Structure or Features

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min long: -83.021; min lat: 33.87 ; max long: -82.494; max lat: 34.384 ;

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Contract No.(s): DACW21-95-D-007


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