Finding Aid II, Demonstration Erosion Control Six Watersheds Phase I/II


The MCX-CMAC utilizes the standard archival practice of “unique naming” of collections. The purpose of this is to avoid redundant and confusing collection names commonly found with archaeological investigations. Therefore, this collection is referred to as "Demonstration Erosion Control, Six Watersheds, Phase II.” This naming practice is consistent throughout the finding aid, the file folder titles, and box labels. In the original documentation, this project is also referred to as DEC II. The linear extent of this collection is four and one half (4.5) linear feet.

This project is yet another in the progression of investigations related to the Demonstration Erosion Control project. The documentation for this project seems to be fairly complete and contains several types of documents and formats including maps, computer disks, and photographs. No stand-alone report exists for this project. According to discussions with Dr. Jay Johnson of the Center for Archaeological Research, the Demonstration Erosion Control Phase III report fulfilled the contractual obligation for all three phases. The field work for this phase began in 1987. The documentation for Phase II was intermixed with that belonging to Phase I and Phase III. The processing archivist sifted through approximately eight linear feet of documentation, pulling materials that belonged with the Phase II collection. There is the possibility that, due to unlabeled and undated documentation, some material from Phase II was not identified during this pull. The researcher should be aware of this when researching the Demonstration Erosion Control Projects.

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Finding Aid II, Demonstration Erosion Control Six Watersheds Phase I/II. Amy S. McPherson. 2018 ( tDAR id: 446825) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8446825


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