Perishable: Twined Sandal AMNH 29.0/7640


Twined Sandal, Accession AMNH29.0, Catalog #7640. Morris FS 1233. Analyzed by Laurie Webster, 2006. 2-strand twining (S). Images: AMNH 29.0/7640A: twined sandal, upper face. AMNH 29.0/7640B: twined sandal, lower face showing patch. AMNH 29.0-7640C: oblique view of lower face. AMNH 29.0/7640D: close-up of patch showing added warp pair. AMNH 29.0/7640E: oblique view of lower face under raking light. Recovered from Earl Morris' excavation of Room 48, Aztec West Ruin. Earl Morris’ description of Room 48 at the time of excavation is as follows. “The floor was covered with refuse.. The greater proportion of this deposit was of vegetable substance; cornstalks, husks, tassels, and cobs, cedarbark, splinters of the same wood, as well as human excrement. This deposit of Chaco age had been completely protected from moisture and constituted, aside from some found in the caves of Del Muerto canyon, the richest repository for perishable artifacts that has come within the experience of the writer. Above this sand had worked down through the second floor before the timbers supporting the latter had failed. These had fallen in recent times, after the mound had reached its final form, as evidenced by the ragged crater left by the settling of the debris above them subsequent to their collapse” (Morris 1928:307-308).

Reference: Earl Morris, 1928, Notes on Excavations in the Aztec Ruin, Volume XXVI, Part V, Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

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Perishable: Twined Sandal AMNH 29.0/7640. Laurie Webster. 2006. Aztec Ruins National Monument ( tDAR id: 373583) ; doi:10.6067/XCV8D798HZ

Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: 1110 to 1140 (Late Chacoan)

Calendar Date: 1140 to 1280 (Post-Chacoan)

Spatial Coverage

min long: -108.038; min lat: 36.803 ; max long: -107.955; max lat: 36.861 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Contact(s): Gary Brown

Contributor(s): Lori Reed; Joel Gamache; Anne Grulich; Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, NM

Principal Investigator(s): Laurie Webster

Repository(s): American Museum of Natural History


Rights & Attribution: Artifact was collected from Aztec West Ruin excavations by Earl Morris between 1916 and 1922. Morris' excavations were sponsored and funded by the American Museum of Natural History, New York.

Rights & Attribution: High resolution images of the item are archived and available to researchers through the National Park Service, Aztec Ruins National Monument.

Rights & Attribution: Publication or use of the image is restricted; permission may be obtained through consultation with American Museum of Natural History and Aztec Ruins National Monument.

Source Collections

Original Item: American Museum of Natural History, New York

Image: NPS, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Aztec, New Mexico

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