David M. Plaza

Eastern New Mexico University

David M. Plaza is the principal investigator for the Anasazi Origins Project Digital Archives Initiative. Previously, David was a librarian assistant in Special Collections of the Golden Library and has served on the Golden Library committee at Eastern New Mexico University for improving user-friendly interfaces and access. He has also worked as an archaeological technician in the Southwest United States for several years for federal agencies, universities, and cultural resource management firms.

David’s current research focuses on digital archiving of legacy archaeological collections and datasets, ethics in archiving and preservation, creating models for archiving, preserving and reinterpreting legacy datasets, implementing living documents approach to archiving, and using GIS as an electronic form of archiving and preservation. His current research implements a living documents approach and recursive research design to archiving and preserving paper documents into electronic databases, such as a geodatabase.

David received a BA in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and a MA in Anthropology from Eastern New Mexico University.

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