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The Anasazi Origins Project (AOP) was led by Cynthia Iriwn-Williams to investigate the antecedents of Ancestral Puebloans, which she called the Oshara Tradition, in the Arroyo Cuervo Region of northwestern New Mexico. This project was fundamental to the understanding of the Archaic period in the northern Southwest at a time when this area was understudied. One result of this monumental investigation is the enormous collection of artifacts, ecofacts, and contextual documents from its field campaigns.

The Anasazi Origins Project Digital Archives Initiative mission is to aggregate all data associated with the AOP digitally onto platforms that is easily accessible and has the capability to disseminate. One of the main focuses is to ingest the digital data of the AOP collection onto the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR). This international online digital repository facilitates a living documents approach that allows data on this platform to be modernized and integrated with additional information from the various components of the AOP collection as well as other datasets. This project is in effort to begin the movement of the digitized data of the AOP into a central location with the goal of its participation into the current archaeological dialogue.

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Temporal Coverage

Calendar Date: -5500 to 400 (Oshara Tradition / Archaic)

Calendar Date: 400 to 700 (Basketmaker)

Calendar Date: -9500 to -6000 (Paleoindian)

Calendar Date: 700 to 850 (Pueblo I)

Spatial Coverage

min long: -107.136; min lat: 35.228 ; max long: -106.625; max lat: 35.653 ;

Individual & Institutional Roles

Principal Investigator(s): David M. Plaza


Redaction Note: All information on site location is considered confidential and has been redacted to protect the integrity of a site. Researchers interested in site locations can contact the principal investagator.

Source Collections

Anasazi Origins Project Collection

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  3. Archaeological Investigations at the La Bajada (LA 9500) and La Bajada Annex (LA 9501) Sites; 1966, 1967, and 1970 (1982)
  4. The Case for Archiving Legacy Archaeological Collections into tDAR: Digitizing Approaches for Preservation, Dissemination, and Access (2013)
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  9. A Model for Transferring Legacy Datasets to Living Documents: A Case Study Using A GIS Geodatabase for Archiving (2012)
  10. Museum of New Mexico Site Survey Form (Redacted) (1966)
  11. New Methods for Understanding the Southwest Archaic: A Density Dependent Approach to Prehistoric Behavior (1980)
  12. The Oshara Tradition: Origins of Anasazi Cutlure (1973)
  13. Paleo-Indian and Archaic Cultural Systems in the Southwestern United States (1973)
  14. The Seasonal Strategy (1971)


  1. Anasazi Origins Project 1968 Base Camp (2013)
  2. Anasazi Origins Project USGS 7.5 Series Maps (Topographic) (2013)
  3. Arroyo Cuervo Region Resource Structure Maps (2013)
  4. Synopsis of the Oshara Tradition (Arroyo Cuervo Region) (2013)


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  5. LA 9234 Artifact Spreadsheet (2012)
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