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Pinnacles Water Swale Project (1992)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce P. Bessken.

This resource contains the project report for the Pinnacles Water Swale Project conducted at the Badlands National Park. Fieldwork was carried out to search for any cultural surface material or features prior to the construction of a one foot deep by 175 foot long by ten foot wide swale to carry water away from the Pinnacles residence yard using a park grader blade for construction.

Repair/Rehab Project J80, Replace Vault Toilets (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Bruce P. Bessken. Jay Shuler.

Fieldwork was carried out to inventory four areas that will be disturbed by replacement of pit toilets with vault toilets. Investigators looked for surface evidence of cultural materials that may indicate the presence of significant cultural resources, the need for additional exploration, or a change of project site location prior to disturbance of the area from the installation of new vault toilets. Each vault installation will require excavation of a hole approximately four feet deep by five...