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Archaeological Investigations at Sites AZ BB:9:105 and 179 (ASM) Within Rancho Vistoso, Oro Valley, Arizona: The Stone Canyon Data Recovery Project (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Thomas D. Yoder. S. Jerome Hesse.

On June 30 through July 15, 1999, archaeologists from SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants conducted archaeological data recovery at two sites, AZ BB:9:105 and 179 (ASM), in Rancho Vistoso, Oro Valley, Arizona. Vistoso Partners proposes to build custom homes there as part of the Stone Canyon development. The archaeological resources on the parcel are to be treated according to the provisions of the Rancho Vistoso Planned Area Development agreement between Vistoso Partners and the Town of Oro...

Archaeological Investigations at Small Sites on the Upper Bajada of the Tortolita Mountains, Northern Tucson Basin (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah L. Swartz.

This project encompasses a portion of the area owned by Cottonwood Properties known as the Dove Mountain Development in the southern foothills of the Tortolita Mountains. Testing was conducted at 11 sites and more extensive excavations were done at three sites. The sites selected for more intensive investigations were the only ones that had evidence of habitation structures. Site AZ AA:12:172 (ASM) contained a single pithouse and, although only plain ware ceramics were recovered, the...

Archaeological Testing Results and Proposed Data Recovery Plan for AZ AA:12:271 (ASM), a Small Site on the Bajada of the Tortolita Mountains, Pima County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah L. Swartz.

At the request of Cottonwood Properties, Desert Archaeology, Inc., completed archaeological testing of a small site, AZ AA:12:271 (ASM), in the northern Tucson Basin. This project was conducted because surface artifacts were identified during a recent survey of the site area (Stephen 2003) even though the site was reportedly totally collected when it was initially recorded 22 years ago (Arizona State Museum [ASM] site files). The current project was designed to determine if subsurface...

A Class III Cultural Resources Survey of 750 Acres West of the Tortolita Mountains, Town of Marana, Pima County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text S. Jerome Hesse.

Between April 15 and April 22, 2004, archaeologists from SWCA Environmental Consultants conducted a Class III cultural resources survey of six separate parcels encompassing 750 acres on privately owned land in undeveloped portions of the Town of Maraña. Morrison Maierle, Inc. of Phoenix sponsored the survey of the six parcels, known as the Reilly-Holsclaw properties. The survey was conducted as a requirement of anticipated Army Corps of Engineers Clean Water Act and Town of Maraña grading...

Geoarchaeological Contributions to Hohokam Archaeology (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Michael R. Waters.

Geoarchaeological investigations of the alluvial piedmont or bajada emanating from the Tortolita Mountains, Arizona, show that the distribution of Hohokam sites apparent from the surface is complete and undisturbed by geological processes. Late Holocene geomorphic processes and their resultant deposits on the bajada affected the location of prehistoric Hohokam agricultural settlements. Hohokam settlements were commonly situated on small alluvial fans dominated by sheetwash processes and...

The Neighborhood 12 Data Recovery Project: Archaeological Investigations at AZ BB:9:148 (ASM), Oro Valley, Arizona (2000)
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AZ BB:9:148 (ASM) was a Hohokam seasonal or temporary habitation and resource procurement and processing locale located in the northwestern Tucson Basin in the southern half of Neighborhood 12 of the Rancho Vistoso Property within the limits of the Town of Oro Valley, Arizona. Between August 25 and September 22, 1999, SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants conducted excavations at the site as a combined testing and data-recovery effort. Eighty-one features were identified during the project,...