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Archaeological Survey and Test Excavations at Williams Air Force Base, Arizona (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald. Richard Anduze. Mary-Ellen Walsh-Anduze.

Archaeological investigations at Williams Air Force Base (WAFB), located in southeast Maricopa County, Arizona, were initiated in response to the 1991 Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission’s (the Closure Commission) recommendation to close WAFB following the passage of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990 (the Closure Act) (Public Law 101-510, Title XXIX). Prior to closure or realignment of base facilities, preparation of an environment impact statement (EIS) was...

Central Arizona Project Archaeological Collection Transfer Plan - Transfer from Central Arizona Project Repository (Tucson, AZ) To Huhugam Heritage Center (Chandler, AZ, vicinity) (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text US Army Corps of Engineers Mandatory Center of Expertise for the Curation and Management of Archaeological Collections, St. Louis District.

This planning and protocol document describes the activities necessary for the physical, legal, and ethical transfer of the Bureau of Reclamation’s Central Arizona project collections from the Central Arizona Project Repository in Tucson to the Gila River Indian Community’s Huhugam Heritage Center outside of Phoenix. There are over 6000 boxes of artifacts and more than 300 linear feet of archival materials stemming from this twenty-year project. Currently, Reclamation is in a direct...

A Cultural Resources Assessment of Potential Routes for the Salt River Project's Proposed 230 kV Electric Transmission Line in District 4 of the Gila River Indian Community, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Christopher P. Garraty.

This report presents the results of a Cultural Resources Assessment (Class I Records Search, with limited supplemental fieldwork) by the Gila River Indian Community (GRIC) Cultural Resource Management Program (CRMP) for the proposed construction of a 230 kV electric transmission line in District 4 of the GRIC, Maricopa and Pinal Counties, Arizona (CRMP Project No. 2012.36x0). Implementation of the proposed undertaking will require approval from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Pima Agency....

A Cultural Resources Survey of Approximately 1 Acre Along the Eastern Canal at Ray Road, in Gilbert, Maricopa County, Arizona (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James W. Cogswell.

Northland staff conducted a full-coverage (100%) cultural resources survey of the project area. The pedestrian survey consisted of an archaeologist walking parallel east-west transects spaced no more than 15 meters apart. The soil had been graded in the recent past, resulting in near-perfect surface visibility. The area along and between transects was inspected for cultural remains and/or modifications. No artifacts or features were identi­fied; a few pieces of modern trash, primarily crushed...