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An Archaeological Survey of the Casey-Cooley 69 kV Subtransmission Line, Maricopa County, Arizona (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Tiffany C. Clark.

This report presents the results of a multiphase archaeological survey along the Casey-Cooley 69 kV Subtransmission Line right-of-way north of Queen Creek in the northeastern portion of the Gila Basin (Figures la, lb, and lc). The first phase of the project consisted of a Class I survey in which a comprehensive cultural resources literature review was compiled for the entire 8.75- mi (14 km) subtransmission line corridor. A Class III survey was then completed on 1.5 mi (2.4 km) of the...

Cultural Resources Survey of a Proposed Electrical Substation Site on Warner Road, West of Ellsworth Road, Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joshua Watts. T. Kathleen Henderson.

This report presents the results of the archaeological survey of a 2.445-acre parcel of land on the northern side of Warner Road, west of Ellsworth Road, in southeastern Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. The work was requested by the Salt River Project (SRP) to determine whether activities associated with the construction of an electrical substation will have an effect on significant cultural remains that might be present in the area. The substation site is located on Arizona State Trust Land, and...

A Cultural Resources Survey of Approximately 1 Acre Along the Eastern Canal at Ray Road, in Gilbert, Maricopa County, Arizona (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text James W. Cogswell.

Northland staff conducted a full-coverage (100%) cultural resources survey of the project area. The pedestrian survey consisted of an archaeologist walking parallel east-west transects spaced no more than 15 meters apart. The soil had been graded in the recent past, resulting in near-perfect surface visibility. The area along and between transects was inspected for cultural remains and/or modifications. No artifacts or features were identi­fied; a few pieces of modern trash, primarily crushed...