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The Archaeology of Chiricahua National Park
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WACC reports on survey and excavation projects within the boundaries of the Chiricahua National Park.

Archeological Survey of the Sulphur Spring Valley, Southeast Arizona (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Anne I. Woosley. Tim Price. D. Carol Kriebel.

The Willcox Playa Study grew from the realization that though surveys had been initiated in the Sulphur Spring Valley during the early days of Southwestern archeology, scarcely any subsequent work was undertaken, with the result that southeastern Arizona remains one of the least known regions of the prehistoric Southwest. We felt that a project would fill a gap in our knowledge of the area and would also contribute generally to Southwest archeology. The fact that the playa area is in the...

The El Paso Natural Gas Line No. 2000 Conversion Project: An Archaeological Re-Survey of the Former All American Pipeline Across La Paz, Yuma, Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, and Cochise Counties, Arizona (2000)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Chris D. North.

In April and May 2000, SWCA, Inc., Environmental Consultants (SWCA) conducted cultural resource surveys for EPNG's Line No. 2000 Project, surveying the former All American Pipeline in Cochise, La Paz, Maricopa, Pima, and Pinal counties for the Arizona segment. At the request of EPNG, SWCA began the cultural resources survey for this project in April 2000 in support of an Environmental Assessment (EA) being prepared by ENSR, Inc., in conjunction with a pipeline acquisition, conversion, operation...