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Archaeological Investigations for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sarah Creer

In May 2015, PacifiCorp (doing business as Rocky Mountain Power, Proponent) requested that SWCA Environmental Consultants conduct archaeological laboratory analyses and report preparation from data recovery testing and excavations conducted for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project (Project).The 277.32-kilometer (172.32-mile) Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line runs from the existing Sigurd Substation in Sevier County, Utah, to the existing Red...

Archaeological Investigations for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project: Pendants Analysis Table (2017)
DATASET SWCA Environmental Consultants.

Pendants analysis data from the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project.

Hohokam Archaeology Along the Salt-Gila Aqueduct, Central Arizona Project, Volume VI: Habitation Sites on the Gila River (1984)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

This is one of nine volumes of reports on archaeology conducted for the United States Bureau of Reclamation along the route of the Salt-Gila Aqueduct, a component of the Central Arizona Project extending a distance of 58 miles from east of Phoenix, Arizona, to the Picacho Reservoir area. Eight prehistoric habitation sites were excavated in the Florence, Arizona area, as a part of this project, representing Colonial through Classic Period Hohokam occupations in this area. This volume includes...

Indian Burial Mounds in the Missouri River Basin (1960)
DOCUMENT Full-Text R. W. Neuman.

Since its inauguration in 1946, the Missouri Basin Project of the Smithsonian Institution, along with other cooperating Federal, State and local agencies, has concentrated its efforts toward the salvage of archeological materials that will be lost by the construction of dams and the flooding of reservoirs along the Missouri River and its tributaries. The surveys and excavations have been conducted at historic military forts, trading posts, pioneer settlements and Indian villages; however, most...

The Navajo Project: Archaeological Investigations, Page to Phoenix 500 kV Southern Transmission Line (2017)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Donald C. Fiero. Robert W. Munson. Martha T. McClain. Suzanne M. Wilson. Anne H. Zier.

In the spring of 1970, the Museum of Northern Arizona contracted with Arizona Public Service Company to provide archaeological investigations for the Navajo Project 500kV Southern Transmission Lines from Page to Phoenix, Arizona. The right-of-way, 330 feet wide and approximately 256 miles long, crossed four major environmental zones - plateau, mountain, transition, and desert - and portions of five prehistoric culture areas. Eighty-eight sites were recorded along the line, 20 of which were...

The San Pedro Housing Project Archaeological Investigations on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Los Angeles, California (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Joyce Clevenger. Allan Schilz. John L. Craib.

The following report describes the results of a data recovery program at two prehistoric archaeology sites located in San Pedro, California: CA-LAn-291 and CA-LAn-1144. The assemblage at CA-LAn-291 is dominated by chipped stone artifacts, primarily bifaces. It is likely that other classes of artifacts were present, but are underrepresented due to the prior destruction of portions of the site. While the reliance on marine resources is well documented, it is suggested that hook and line fishing...

Tonto Creek Archaeological Project: Life and Death Along Tonto Creek (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

The Tonto Creek Archaeological Project (TCAP) area was located in the Tonto Basin of east-central Arizona. The project, funded by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), was undertaken by Desert Archaeology, Inc., in advance of the 1994-1996 realignment of Arizona State Route (SR) 188. The area available for investigation was a 61-m- (200-ft-) wide corridor, centered on the planned route for the realigned highway. This corridor, on Tonto National Forest land, followed a 13.3-km (8-mi)...