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An Evaluation of the Archaeological Resources at Lake Whitney, Texas (1974)
DOCUMENT Full-Text S. Alan Skinner. Joseph Gallagher.

The archaeological resources around the edge of Lake Whitney in Central Texas were inventoried in order to determine the impact that an increase in lake level will have upon the resources. It was determined that testing should accompany site survey in order to insure a realistic evaluation of archaeological sites. Testing determined that several sites have been eroded away by lake edge wave action. Extensive excavation was conducted at two prehistoric sites. The sites (Bowling Pin site and...

The Roosevelt Community Development Study, Number 13, Volume 2: Meddler Point, Pyramid Point, and Griffin Wash Sites (1994)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Mark D. Elson. Deborah L. Swartz. Douglas B. Craig. Jeffrey J. Clark.

The Roosevelt Community Development Study (RCD) was one of three data recovery mitigative studies that the Bureau of Reclamation funded to investigate the prehistory of the Tonto Basin in the vicinity of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. The series of investigations constituted Reclamation's program for complying with historic preservation legislation as it applied to the raising and modification of Theodore Roosevelt Dam. Reclamation contracted with Desert Archaeology, Inc. to complete the research for...