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Archaeological Investigations for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project
PROJECT Uploaded by: Sarah Creer

In May 2015, PacifiCorp (doing business as Rocky Mountain Power, Proponent) requested that SWCA Environmental Consultants conduct archaeological laboratory analyses and report preparation from data recovery testing and excavations conducted for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project (Project).The 277.32-kilometer (172.32-mile) Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345-kilovolt (kV) transmission line runs from the existing Sigurd Substation in Sevier County, Utah, to the existing Red...

Archaeological Investigations for the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project: Figurines Analysis Table (2017)
DATASET SWCA Environmental Consultants.

Figurines analysis data from the Sigurd to Red Butte No. 2 – 345kV Transmission Project.

Archaic Occupation on the Santa Cruz Flats: the Tator Hills Archaeological Project (1993)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Carl D. Halbirt. T. Kathleen Henderson.

This report describes the results of archaeological investigations undertaken northeast and in the vicinity of the Tator Hills at the southern edge of the Santa Cruz Flats. The archaeological investigations were funded by the Bureau of Reclamation, Arizona Projects Office, and identified as Tasks 43 and 45 of Contract 3-PA-30-00740. The work was conducted to mitigate the impact to prehistoric resources in the construction of the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District, Central Unit IV...

Hinterland Households: Rural Agrarian Household Diversity in Northwest Honduras (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John Douglass.

"This book is in the great tradition of settlement pattern surveys . . . and is fused with the recent development of household archaeology. . . .Those who read it will find that it has great methodological significance, not just for the Maya area but also for other areas of the world as well. It is an important book." —Dean E. Arnold, Wheaton College The rural sector of agrarian societies has historically been viewed as composed of undifferentiated households primarily interested in...

Investigations of the Baccharis Site and Extension Arizona Canal: Historic and Prehistoric Land Use Patterns in the Northern Salt River Valley (1988)
DOCUMENT Full-Text David H. Greenwald.

This report presents the results of intensive data recovery through excavation of an early pre-Classic Hohokam site and an in-depth archival study of historic features, including the Extension Arizona Canal. The project was sponsored by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) with the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) serving as consultants to ADOT for these archaeological and historical studies. Field work was conducted during May and June, 1987. Investigations of the Baccharis site, a...

Kyrene Data Recovery Preliminary Field Report (For the South Half of the Pole Yard Locus) (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Salt River Project. SWCA, Inc. Environmental Consultants.

This document is the second preliminary report on archaeological data recovery at a portion of the Hohokam village of Los Guanacos (AZ U:9:116 [ASM]). This report focuses on the preliminary results of the south half of the Pole yard locus while the first report discussed the north half of the locus. The contents of this preliminary report discuss the goals for the south half of the locus. Salt River Project (SRP) is proposing to construct a new generating station adjacent to the existing Kyrene...