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Archaeological Studies of the Avra Valley, Arizona For the Papago Water Supply Project, Vol. 2: Archaeological Site Descriptions (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah Swartz.

This document contains descriptions of sites within the Schuk Toak and San Xavier study areas. These site descriptions include information on site dimensions, cultural features, and types of artifacts. The relationships between features and artifacts as well as any disturbance to the sites are also discussed. The document also discusses collection strategies used within the project, and finally, it evaluates the site occupation time periods along with site function as well.

Archaeological Testing and Data Recovery at Portions of AZ U:10:2 (ASM) in South Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona (2002)
DOCUMENT Full-Text John M. Lindly. Douglas R. Mitchell.

This report presents the results of an archaeological testing and data recovery program for approximately two acres of land located in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona. The research was conducted at the request of William Olsen and Gerald Ricke of Mesa, Arizona, prior to the purchase of the land for proposed private development. The artifact concentrations within the parcel are located completely within the boundaries of the S.W. Germann Site (AZ U:10:2 [ASM]), a previously recorded Hohokam...