Archaeological Studies of the Avra Valley, Arizona For the Papago Water Supply Project, Vol. 2: Archaeological Site Descriptions

Author(s): Deborah Swartz

Year: 1987


This document contains descriptions of sites within the Schuk Toak and San Xavier study areas. These site descriptions include information on site dimensions, cultural features, and types of artifacts. The relationships between features and artifacts as well as any disturbance to the sites are also discussed. The document also discusses collection strategies used within the project, and finally, it evaluates the site occupation time periods along with site function as well.

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Archaeological Studies of the Avra Valley, Arizona For the Papago Water Supply Project, Vol. 2: Archaeological Site Descriptions. Deborah Swartz. 1987 ( tDAR id: 53336) ; doi:10.48512/XCV853336


Archaic Hohokam Papago

Agave Knife Bifaces Ceramic Chipped Stone Core Fire Cracked Rock Flakes Ground Stone lithics metate Mineral Mortar Olla sherds Pestle Projectile Point Scrapers Shell Stone bowl Stone donut fragment

Site Name
AZ AA:15:46 (ASM) AZ AA:15:47 (ASM) AZ AA:15:48 (ASM) AZ AA:15:49 (ASM) AZ AA:15:50 (ASM) AZ AA:15:51 (ASM) AZ AA:15:52 (ASM) AZ AA:15:53 (ASM) AZ AA:15:54 (ASM) AZ AA:15:55 (ASM) AZ AA:15:56 (ASM) AZ AA:15:57 (ASM) AZ AA:15:58 (ASM) AZ AA:15:59 (ASM) AZ AA:15:60 (ASM) AZ AA:15:61 (ASM) AZ AA:15:62 (ASM) AZ AA:15:63 (ASM) AZ AA:15:64 (ASM) AZ AA:15:65 (ASM) AZ AA:15:66 (ASM) AZ AA:15:67 (ASM) AZ AA:15:68 (ASM) AZ AA:15:69 (ASM) AZ AA:15:70 (ASM) AZ AA:15:71 (ASM) AZ AA:15:72 (ASM) AZ AA:15:73 (ASM) AZ AA:15:74 (ASM) AZ AA:15:75 (ASM) AZ AA:15:76 (ASM) AZ AA:15:77 (ASM) AZ AA:15:78 (ASM) AZ AA:15:79 (ASM) AZ AA:15:80 (ASM) AZ AA:15:81 (ASM) AZ AA:15:82 (ASM) AZ AA:15:83 (ASM) AZ AA:15:84 (ASM) AZ AA:15:85 (ASM) AZ AA:15:86 (ASM) AZ AA:15:87 (ASM) AZ AA:15:88 (ASM) AZ AA:15:89 (ASM) AZ AA:15:90 (ASM) AZ AA:15:91 (ASM) AZ AA:15:92 (ASM) AZ AA:15:93 (ASM) AZ AA:15:94 (ASM) AZ AA:15:95 (ASM) AZ AA:15:96 (ASM) AZ AA:15:97 (ASM) AZ AA:15:98 (ASM) AZ AA:15:99 (ASM) AZ AA:16:190 (ASM) AZ AA:16:191 (ASM) AZ AA:16:192 (ASM) AZ AA:16:193 (ASM) AZ AA:16:194 (ASM) AZ AA:16:195 (ASM) AZ AA:16:196 (ASM) AZ AA:16:197 (ASM) AZ AA:16:198 (ASM) AZ AA:16:199 (ASM) AZ AA:16:200 (ASM) AZ AA:16:201 (ASM) AZ AA:16:202 (ASM) AZ AA:16:203 (ASM) AZ AA:16:204 (ASM) AZ AA:16:205 (ASM) AZ AA:16:206 (ASM) AZ AA:16:207 (ASM) AZ AA:16:208 (ASM) AZ AA:16:209 (ASM) AZ AA:16:210 (ASM) AZ AA:16:211 (ASM) AZ AA:16:212 (ASM) AZ AA:16:213 (ASM) AZ AA:16:214 (ASM) AZ AA:16:215 (ASM) AZ AA:16:216 (ASM) AZ AA:16:217 (ASM) AZ AA:16:218 (ASM) AZ AA:16:219 (ASM) AZ AA:16:220 (ASM) AZ AA:16:221 (ASM) AZ AA:16:222 (ASM) AZ AA:16:223 (ASM) AZ AA:16:224 (ASM) AZ AA:16:225 (ASM) AZ AA:16:226 (ASM) AZ AA:16:227 (ASM) AZ AA:16:228 (ASM) AZ AA:16:229 (ASM) AZ AA:16:230 (ASM) AZ AA:16:231 (ASM) AZ AA:16:232 (ASM) AZ AA:16:233 (ASM) AZ AA:16:234 (ASM) AZ AA:16:235 (ASM) AZ AA:16:236 (ASM) AZ AA:16:237 (ASM) AZ AA:16:238 (ASM) AZ AA:16:239 (ASM) AZ AA:16:240 (ASM) AZ AA:16:241 (ASM) AZ AA:16:242 (ASM) AZ AA:16:243 (ASM) AZ AA:16:244 (ASM) AZ AA:16:245 (ASM) AZ AA:16:246 (ASM) AZ AA:16:247 (ASM) AZ AA:16:248 (ASM) AZ AA:16:249 (ASM) AZ AA:16:250 (ASM) AZ AA:16:251 (ASM) AZ AA:16:252 (ASM) AZ AA:16:253 (ASM) AZ AA:16:254 (ASM) AZ AA:16:255 (ASM) AZ AA:16:256 (ASM) AZ AA:16:257 (ASM) AZ AA:16:258 (ASM) AZ AA:16:259 (ASM) AZ AA:16:260 (ASM) AZ AA:16:261 (ASM) AZ AA:16:262 (ASM) AZ AA:16:263 (ASM) AZ AA:16:264 (ASM) AZ AA:16:265 (ASM) AZ AA:16:266 (ASM) AZ AA:16:267 (ASM) AZ AA:16:268 (ASM) AZ AA:16:269 (ASM) AZ AA:16:270 (ASM) AZ AA:16:271 (ASM) AZ AA:16:272 (ASM) AZ AA:16:273 (ASM) AZ AA:16:274 (ASM) AZ AA:16:275 (ASM) AZ AA:16:276 (ASM) AZ AA:16:277 (ASM) AZ AA:16:278 (ASM) AZ AA:16:279 (ASM) AZ AA:16:280 (ASM) AZ AA:16:281 (ASM) AZ AA:16:282 (ASM) AZ AA:16:283 (ASM) AZ AA:16:284 (ASM) AZ AA:16:285 (ASM) AZ AA:16:286 (ASM) AZ AA:16:287 (ASM) AZ AA:16:288 (ASM) AZ AA:16:289 (ASM) AZ AA:16:290 (ASM) AZ AA:16:291 (ASM) AZ AA:16:292 (ASM) AZ AA:16:293 (ASM) AZ AA:16:294 (ASM) AZ AA:16:295 (ASM) AZ AA:16:296 (ASM) AZ AA:16:297 (ASM) AZ AA:16:298 (ASM) AZ AA:16:299 (ASM) AZ AA:16:300 (ASM) AZ AA:16:301 (ASM) AZ AA:16:302 (ASM) AZ AA:16:303 (ASM) AZ AA:16:312 (ASM) AZ AA:16:39 (ASM) Show More

Site Type
Archaeological Feature Artifact Scatter Domestic Structure or Architectural Complex Domestic Structures Pit Pit House / Earth Lodge Roasting Pit / Oven / Horno

Spatial Coverage

min long: -114.817; min lat: 31.332 ; max long: -109.045; max lat: 37.004 ;

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Prepared By(s): Institute for American Research

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NADB citation id number(s): 000000168058


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