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  1. A.D. 1064? A Pilot Study Of Archaeological Tree-Ring Samples To Search For Visible Evidence Of The Eruption Of Sunset Crater Volcano, Northern Arizona (2009)
  2. Additional Archaeological and Historical Research in the Tucson Presidio, Historic Block 181, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2008)
  3. Ancient Hohokam Communities in Southern Arizona: The Coyote Mountains Archaeological District in the Alter Valley (1990)
  4. The Anthropogenic Landscape of Las Capas, an Early Agricultural Irrigation Community in Southern Arizona (2015)
  5. Archaeological Clearance Report for Phase 2 Data Recovery at Sites on the Slate Creek Section, ADOT State Route 188 Project, Tonto Basin, Arizona (1994)
  6. Archaeological Data Recovery at a Site Near Topawa, Baboquivari District,Tohono O'odham Reservation (1994)
  7. Archaeological Data Recovery at a Small Portion of AZ EE:9:174 (ASM), a Prehistoric Habitation Site North of Nogales, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (2005)
  8. Archaeological Data Recovery at AZ U:14:292 (ASM) and AZ U:14:437 (ASM) at the Coolidge Substation, Pinal County, Arizona (2013)
  9. Archaeological Data Recovery at the Sunset Mesa Ruin (AZ AA:12:10 ASM) (1998)
  10. Archaeological Data Recovery at the Tortolita Vistas Site, AZ AA:12:271 (ASM): A Hohokam Fieldhouse in Marana, Pima County, Arizona (2005)
  11. Archaeological Data Recovery for the Dinosaur to Hunt 12kV/69kV Electric Line, Pinal County, Arizona (2008)
  12. Archaeological Data Recovery for the Paseo de las Iglesias Project, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2016)
  13. Archaeological Data Recovery of Bajada Rock Features for the Los Reales Landfill Expansion Project (1996)
  14. Archaeological Data Recovery Project at the West Branch Site, AZ AA:16:3 (ASM) (2019)
  15. Archaeological Excavation of a Leach Field at the San Jose de Tumacacori Unit of the Tumacacori National Historic Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (2010)
  16. Archaeological Excavations at a Small Portion of the Zanardelli Site, AZ BB:13:1 (ASM), in the Southern Tucson Basin: Phase 2 Data Recovery along Tucson Water's Alternate Route 2, Nogales Highway (U.S. 89), Pima County, Arizona (2017)
  17. Archaeological Excavations at the Arivaca Wash Cemetery, AZ DD:7:26 (ASM), Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge (1995)
  18. Archaeological Excavations at the Zanardelli Site, AZ BB:13:1 (ASM) (2011)
  19. Archaeological Excavations at Valencia Vieja: Appendices and Supplemental Data. (2003)
  20. Archaeological Excavations of the Hooper Warehouse, the Tucson Sampling Works, and the Southern Pacific Railroad Clubhouse, Historic Block 95, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2010)
  21. Archaeological Field and Analytical Studies for the Community Noise Reduction Program, Phoenix, Arizona (2016)
  22. Archaeological Investigations Along a Proposed Phelps Dodge Water Pipeline, South of Bagdad, Yavapai County, Arizona (2009)
  23. Archaeological Investigations along the Sixty-seventh Avenue and Baseline Road Watermains, Phoenix, Arizona (2001)
  24. Archaeological Investigations and Data Recovery at Historic Block 83, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2009)
  25. Archaeological Investigations at a Portion of the Julian Wash Site, AZ BB:13:17 (ASM), Pima County, Arizona (2008)
  26. Archaeological Investigations at AZ AA:12:16 (ASM), the EK Ranch Site, Pima County, Arizona (2005)
  27. Archaeological Investigations at AZ AA:8:350 (ASM) and AZ AA:8:351 (ASM), Along State Route 79, Pinal County, Arizona (2016)
  28. Archaeological Investigations at AZ BB:13:756 (ASM) and AZ BB:13:757 (ASM), Historic Block 185, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2008)
  29. Archaeological Investigations at AZ BB:9:7 (ASM) and at AZ BB:9:391 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2006)
  30. Archaeological Investigations at Blocks 139 and 159 in Barrio Libre, Tucson, Arizona (2003)
  31. Archaeological Investigations at Christopher Columbus Park, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2008)
  32. Archaeological Investigations at El Dumpe, a Mid-Twentieth-Century Dump, and the Embankment Site, Tucson, Arizona (1997)
  33. Archaeological Investigations at Honey Bee Village, a Prehistoric Hohokam Ballcourt Village in the Cañada del Oro Valley of Southern Arizona: Description of Excavated Structures (2011)
  34. Archaeological Investigations at Los Morteros, AZ AA:12:57 (ASM), Locus 1, in the Northern Tucson Basin (1989)
  35. Archaeological Investigations at Los Morteros: A Prehistoric Settlement in the Northern Tucson Basin Complete Report, Part I (1995)
  36. Archaeological Investigations at Los Morteros: A Prehistoric Settlement in the Northern Tucson Basin Complete Report, Part II (1995)
  37. Archaeological Investigations at Los Pozos, AZ AA:12:91 (ASM), for the EW-010A and Regional Reclamation Facility Effluent Pumping Projects, Pima County, Arizona (2017)
  38. Archaeological Investigations at Petroglyph Sites in the Painted Rock Reservoir Area, Southwestern Arizona (1989)
  39. Archaeological Investigations at Small Sites on the Upper Bajada of the Tortolita Mountains, Northern Tucson Basin (1998)
  40. Archaeological Investigations at the City of Tucson Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant (1992)
  41. Archaeological Investigations at the Fort Lowell-Adkins Steel Property Locus of Fort Lowell, AZ BB:9:40 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2013)
  42. Archaeological Investigations at the Lonetree Site, AA:12:120 (ASM), in the Northern Tucson Basin (1990)
  43. Archaeological Investigations at the Mule Mountain Site, AZ FF:9:29 (ASM) (1994)
  44. Archaeological Investigations at the Redtail Site, AA:12:149 (ASM), in the Northern Tucson Basin (1989)
  45. Archaeological Investigations at the Southeastern Margin of the Valencia Site, AZ BB:13:15(ASM), Pima County, Arizona (2004)
  46. Archaeological Investigations at the Tanque Verde Wash Site, A Middle Rincon Settlement in the Eastern Tucson Basin (1986)
  47. Archaeological Investigations at the West Branch Site: Early and Middle Rincon Occupation in the Southern Tucson Basin (1986)
  48. Archaeological Investigations at the Yuma Wash Site and Outlying Settlements Part 1 (2016)
  49. Archaeological Investigations at the Yuma Wash Site and Outlying Settlements Part 2 (2016)
  50. Archaeological Investigations at Wetlands, AZ AA:12:90 (ASM), and Los Pozos, AZ AA:12:91 (ASM), for the Tucson Water SRF Collector Pipeline Project, Pima County, Arizona (2012)
  51. Archaeological Investigations for the Menlo Park Storm Drain Project: Prehistoric and Historic Canal Systems at the Base of A-Mountain (1999)
  52. Archaeological Investigations for the Monitoring Project and the Excavation of Seven Burials within the Court Street Cemetery, AZ BB:13:156 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2013)
  53. Archaeological Investigations for the Roger to Ina Reclaimed Transmission Line Project, Pima County, Arizona (1998)
  54. Archaeological Investigations in 2007 and 2008 at the Mission and Mission Garden Loci of the Clearwater Site, AZ BB:13:6 (ASM), and the Santa Cruz River Westside Canals, AZ BB:13:481 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2018)
  55. Archaeological Investigations in Northern Los Pozos, AZ AA:12:91 (ASM), for the Pima County Bleeder Channel Project, Pima County, Arizona (2014)
  56. Archaeological Investigations in Sections 1A, 1B, and 2, SR 260- Cottonwood to Camp Verde Archaeology Project (2002)
  57. Archaeological Investigations of Selected Mortuary Contexts at AZ AA:12:321 (ASM), Marana, Pima County, Arizona (2011)
  58. Archaeological Investigations of the Early Agricultural Period Settlement at the Base of A-Mountain, Tucson, Arizona (1997)
  59. Archaeological Investigations of the Osborn and Hazzard Family Homes, Tucson, Arizona (2003)
  60. Archaeological Investigations of the Tucson Pressed Brick Company, Tucson, Arizona (1996)
  61. Archaeological Investigations of Tucson Block 94: The Boarding House Residents of the Hotel Catalina Site (1993)
  62. Archaeological Mapping and Artifact Analyses at the Calabazas and Guevavi Units of the Tumacacori National Historic Park, Santa Cruz County, Arizona (2011)
  63. Archaeological Mapping of Two Sections of Site AZ AA:11:12, Marana, Arizona (2019)
  64. Archaeological Monitoring and Data Recovery for the South of Osborn Road Sidewalk Project, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona (2011)
  65. Archaeological Monitoring and Sample Unit Excavation within the Hardy Site and Fort Lowell, AZ BB:9:14 (ASM), Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2017)
  66. Archaeological Site Boundary Testing for Dutch Canal Ruin, AZ T:12:62 (ASM), within the Consolidated Campus Building 1 Property, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Maricopa County, Arizona (2015)
  67. Archaeological Site Evaluation La Paloma Project Area Tucson, Arizona (1984)
  68. Archaeological Site Identification and Site Boundary Testing at the Northwest Corner Interstate 10, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2015)
  69. Archaeological Site Significance Evaluations for Cienega Ventana Project (1984)
  70. Archaeological Studies at Az BB:13:223 (ASM) and Nearby Sites in the Santa Cruz Industrial Park Tucson, Arizona (1986)
  71. Archaeological Studies of the Avra Valley, Arizona For the Papago Water Supply Project, Vol. 2: Archaeological Site Descriptions (1987)
  72. Archaeological Test Excavations for the Water Plant No. 1 Expansion, Historic Block 138, City of Tucson (1993)
  73. Archaeological Test Excavations in Sunset Park, Tucson, Arizona (1995)
  74. Archaeological Testing and Data Recovery at AZ BB:13:784 (ASM), Historic Block 208, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2006)
  75. Archaeological Testing and Monitoring of the Reclaimed Pipeline Project (Phase 1) (1998)
  76. Archaeological Testing at AZ AA:12:352 (ASM): The Schomac Parcel (2019)
  77. Archaeological Testing at AZ T:16:152 (ASM) and AZ T:16:153 (ASM), El Rancho Santa Rosa Residential Development, Maricopa, Arizona (2005)
  78. Archaeological Testing at the Coolidge Substation, Pinal County, Arizona (2012)
  79. Archaeological Testing at the Eastern Margin of the Hodges Site (1995)
  80. Archaeological Testing at the Proposed Arena, Historic Block 221, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2008)
  81. Archaeological Testing at the Romero Ruin (1991)
  82. Archaeological Testing at Valencia Vieja West, AZ BB:13:15 (ASM) (1999)
  83. Archaeological Testing Beneath the Duffield Addition to the Fish-Stevens-Duffield House, AZ BB:13:24 (ASM), Tucson, Arizona (2019)
  84. Archaeological Testing East of Pantano Road, Tucson, Arizona (1998)
  85. Archaeological Testing for the City of Phoenix Sixty-seventh Avenue Water Transmission Main, Maricopa County, Arizona (2004)
  86. Archaeological Testing in the Santa Cruz River Floodplain within and near the Julian Wash Site, AZ BB:13:17 (ASM) (1997)
  87. Archaeological Testing of a 3.3-acre Parcel, Mesa, Arizona (2007)
  88. Archaeological Testing of Block 174 and Block 175, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2012)
  89. Archaeological Testing of Soils Test Pits for a Pipeline for the Proposed Recharge/Wetlands Project (1995)
  90. Archaeological Testing of Soils Test Pits for Proposed Development of a Wetlands and Recharge Basin at AZ AA:12:90 (1995)
  91. Archaeological Testing of The Citrus Cove Development, Queen Creek, Maricopa County, Arizona (2002)
  92. Archaeological Testing of the Haught Parcel Within the Upper Tonto Basin, Gila County, Arizona (1989)
  93. Archaeological Testing of the Juhan Park Parcel along the Santa Cruz River in Tucson, Arizona (1996)
  94. Archaeological Testing of the Northeastern Corner of the Court Street Cemetery, AZ BB:13:156 (ASM), and the Excavation of Burial Features 36 and 37, Tucson, Pima County, Arizona (2013)
  95. Archaeological Testing of the Pima Community College Desert Vista Campus Property: The Valencia North Project (1993)
  96. Archaeological Testing of the Proposed Federal Building and United States Courthouse Property (1996)
  97. Archaeological Testing of the Proposed Phoenix Federal Building and United States Courthouse Property (1996)
  98. Archaeological Testing of the Tubac Schoolhouse Ramp Footers (1995)
  99. Archaeological Testing of Three Sites Along the El Rio-Star Pass Reclaimed Water line Tucson, Arizona (1986)
  100. Archaeological Testing on the Rio Nuevo South Property, Tucson, Arizona (1995)