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Archaeology at the Gillespie Dam Site: Data Recovery Investigations for the Palo Verde to Pinal West 500 kV Transmission Line, Maricopa County, Arizona (2011)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Alaina Harmon

In this report, the results of data recovery efforts conducted for the Palo Verde to Pinal West transmission line project at the Gillespie Dam site, AZ T:13:18 (ASM), in the Gila Bend area of the Gila River are presented. The site is a prehistoric Hohokam-Patayan settlement with an overlay of Historic era material. Fieldwork primarily occurred within the construction staging area of a transmission tower. Although covering less than an acre, the staging area contained surprising numbers of...

The Beeline Archaeological Project (1990)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard W. Effland. Scott Fedick.

The Salt River Project (SRP) and Arizona Public Service Company (APS) constructed three transmission lines along a portion of the Beeline Highway on the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC). SRP proposed to build a new line that connects the Pinnacle Peak, Brandow, and Papago Buttes substations. At the same time, APS proposed to realign two existing transmission lines and move them out of the Salt River channel and onto the north terrace above the river. Prior to construction,...

Hematite House Arizona Site Steward File (1982)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Richard C. . Barbara A. . W. G. Weinel. R. D. Armstrong. S. Germick.

This is an Arizona Site Steward file for the Hematite House site, comprised of a stone, mortar, plaster, and saguaro rib cliff dwelling, located on Tonto National Forest land. The site is affiliated with Salado or Mogollon occupation. The file consists of an Arizona State Museum archaeological data sheet, two archaeological site inventory forms, two hand drawn and one printed site map, an inventory standards and accounting form, and a prehistoric and historic archaeological sites form. The...