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Hohokam Settlement Along the Slopes of the Picacho Mountains, Volume 4: Material Culture (1988)
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This is the fourth volume in the Tucson Aqueduct Project, Phase A series reporting on archaeological investigations at over 50 primarily Hohokam sites in south-central Arizona. Each chapter in this volume incorporates the research focus, methodology and results of the analysis of one of the artifactual or material sets resulting from these investigations. The general ceramic analysis, conducted on over 159,000 sherds, provided the basic descriptive and comparative data and allowed us to...

Tucson Aqueduct Project Phase A
PROJECT Donald E. Weaver, Jr.. Donald E. Weaver, Jr.. USDI Bureau of Reclamation, Phoenix Area Office.

Reaches 1 and 2 of the Tucson Aqueduct portion of the Central Arizona Project extend from the terminus of the Salt-Gila Aqueduct just east of Picacho Reservoir (12 km southeast of Coolidge) south along the western flanks of the Picacho Mountains, east along the southern flanks of the Picacho Mountains through Picacho Pass, and then south to the vicinity of Red Rock. A Class III archaeological survey of the aqueduct corridor and associated areas was conducted by Arizona State Museum...