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1977 Prehistoric Ecology at Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico, monograph (1977)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

This monograph is a revision of Barbara Stark's dissertation. It addresses primarily excavations on Patarata Island, located in the mangrove swamp at the mouth of the Papaloapan River, Veracruz, Mexico. It was published in 1977 but is out of print. (Prehistoric Ecology at Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico: Adaptation to the Mangrove Swamp. Vanderbilt University Publications in Anthropology 18.)

1989 Patarata pottery monograph (1989)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

The monograph analyzes pottery from Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico. (1989 Patarata Pottery: Classic Period Ceramics of the South-central Gulf Coast, Veracruz, Mexico. Anthropological Papers 51. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.)

2001 Classic period Mixtequilla residential excavations, monograph (2001)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

The monograph analyzes residential excavations in the Mixtequilla area of Veracruz, Mexico. (2001 Classic Period Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico: Diachronic Inferences from Residential Investigations, ed. by B.L. Stark. Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, Monograph 12, The University at Albany, N.Y. )

Archival Auger Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

A program of augering residential mounds preceeded the selection of mounds for residential test excavations. These pdf files have the data forms and associated notes related to the auger testing, done in 1987.

Archival Excavation Records 1987 (1987)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

Residential mound excavations during 1987 were recorded with forms, and artifacts from the excavations were recorded on forms.

Archival Survey Feature or Collection Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

These are pdf files of the original survey feature/collection forms. Each survey feature was recorded on a form and assigned a unique number, and, if the feature was collected, that number pertains to the surface collection. Some features have more than one collection, in which case additional feature/collection numbers were assigned. Rarely numbers were subsequently de-assigned, and might then be assigned to a different feature/collection later, but occasionally numbers were not used...

Archival Survey Field Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

These pdf files show forms for fields where survey was conducted and the locations of features/collections within the field, along with vegetation and other observations. These files are only available with special permission because those from seasons when global positioning equipment was used have UTM coordinates. Those from survey using aerial mosaics sometimes show roads or towns identifiable on maps.

Archival Survey Figurine Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

These laboratory forms record figurine classifications.

Archival Survey Misc Artifact Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

These pdfs contain the original laboratory coding forms for a variety of miscellaneous artifacts, such as spindle whorls, incensarios, colanders,clay balls, and other unusual ceramic forms. Artifacts related to ceramic production are included.

Archival Survey Obsidian Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

Obsidian coding forms from the PALM regional survey and associated notes. The obsidian coding was directed by Lynette Heller.

Archival Survey Pottery Forms (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

These archival forms recorded pottery types and attributes for survey collections. Some show updates or corrections when pottery was reexamined, but a few updates were made directly on electronic database or excel files.

Avances y perspectivas de la arqueología del Centro de Veracruz. Región de las Grandes Montañas. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yamile Lira-Lopez.

A pesar de lo escarpado del terreno, entre montañas y valles, se asentaron grupos humanos en distintos periodos cronológicos desde el Preclásico hasta la Colonia. Algunos de esos valles permitieron la comunicación entre los poblados cercanos, otros, entre regiones geográficas más distantes como la Costa del Golfo, el Altiplano Central y la región oaxaqueña, evidenciando presencia o influencia olmeca, teotihuacana, nahua y costeñas, en los sitios hasta ahora conocidos. Por estar en un punto...

Bajo Hornos Reef, Veracruz: a depositional trap for ships and related cultural material (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Ricardo Borrero. Flor Trejo. Roberto Junco.

From the arrival of Cortes in 1519 until the 20th century, Veracruz was one of the most important ports in the Americas. In addition to its role in transatlantic trade, it also played an essential role in maritime relations between Mexico, the Antilles and the northern Gulf of Mexico. In the 80´s, late 90´s and 2010 diving surveys carried out at Bajo Hornos reef by the Underwater Archeology team (SAS) of the Mexican National Institute for Anthropology and History (INAH), yielded a variety of...

Becoming Divine: Stone Sculpture and Deity Impersonation in Classic Veracruz Visual Culture (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Caitlin Earley.

Recent study of an hacha from Classic-period Veracruz in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art reveals that hachas and palmas may have been used as costume elements in ritual performances related to the ballgame. As costume elements, these sculptures would have allowed actors to assume the identity of captives, rulers, or deities. This accords well with iconographic evidence of ballgame-related ritual performances in Veracruz, and suggests comparisons with artworks from other...

Blanco River Irrigation District Maps (2012)
IMAGE Barbara Stark.

Rio Blanco irrigation district maps were scanned for use in GIS programs for the Proyecto Arqueologico La Mixtequilla. Not all the irrigation district maps were copied by xerox for this endeavor. There are additional maps held by the irrigation district offices. The irrigation district is part of the Comision del Papaloapan.

Ceramic balls from PALM survey (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This file contains data on ceramic balls (usually whole or major part) collected during survey. Data from clay balls observed but not collected have not yet been added to the file. These artifacts are thought to have been used in construction.

Ceramic disks from the PALM project (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This file contains information on perforated and non-perforated ceramic disks from the PALM project survey and excavation.

Ceramic wheels from PALM survey (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This file contains information about ceramic wheels (for wheeled "toys") from PALM survey.

Cerámica mayólica en un sitio posclásico del Valle intermontano de Maltrata, Veracruz (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Yamile Lira-Lopez.

El valle de Maltrata, enclavado en la Sierra Madre Oriental, al centro-oeste del estado de Veracruz, ha tenido una remota y continua ocupación humana, que data desde la época prehispánica hasta nuestros días. Este valle es importante por formar parte de una de las principales rutas de comunicación y comercio entre la Costa del Golfo y el Altiplano Central, con evidencias olmecas, zapotecas, teotihuacanas, cholultecas, aztecas. El asentamiento del periodo Posclásico, ocupó principalmente la parte...

Changing Art? Changing Identity?: Visual Culture in Ancient Veracruz during the Late Classic-Early Postclassic Transition (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Cherra Wyllie.

Group identity is visible in the archaeological record in the form of discrete burial practices, site planning, ceramic and artifact assemblages, settlement patterns, and architecture. Yet notions of ethnic identity are multi-layered and complex; the more so during periods of intense migration and social upheaval . The Late Classic to Early Postclassic transition was one such period, characterized by observable changes in practices and materials. In Veracruz (at sites such as El Tajin, Las...

Chert and obsidian bifacial tool attributes, definitions used by AJ Vonarx (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

This file lists and defines the attributes used by AJ Vonarx in coding obsidian and chert bifacial tools from PALM survey. This file is only partially complete at the time of upload.

Chert artifacts from PALM 1 (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This dataset records information about chert artifacts recovered during PALM 1 (1984-1989).

Chert artifacts from PALM 2 survey (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This file contains information on chert artifacts recovered during PALM 2 survey (1998-2002).

Chert Biface Coding Sheets (2013)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Barbara Stark.

A.J. Vonarx recorded attributes of chert bifacial artifacts, apparently all are projectile points.

Chert tool attributes, PALM project (2012)
DATASET Barbara Stark.

This file contains chert tool attributes recorded by A.J. Vonarx for her University of Arizona Master's thesis research.