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1977 Prehistoric Ecology at Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico, monograph (1977)

DOCUMENT [ID: 378859] Barbara Stark.

This monograph is a revision of Barbara Stark's dissertation. It addresses primarily excavations on Patarata Island, located in the mangrove swamp at the mouth of the Papaloapan River, Veracruz, Mexico. It was published in 1977 but is out of print. (Prehistoric Ecology at Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico: Adaptation to the Mangrove Swamp. Vanderbilt University Publications in Anthropology 18.)

1989 Patarata pottery monograph (1989)

DOCUMENT [ID: 391309] Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

The monograph analyzes pottery from Patarata 52, Veracruz, Mexico. (1989 Patarata Pottery: Classic Period Ceramics of the South-central Gulf Coast, Veracruz, Mexico. Anthropological Papers 51. University of Arizona Press, Tucson.)

2001 Classic period Mixtequilla residential excavations, monograph (2001)

DOCUMENT [ID: 391310] Barbara Stark.

The monograph analyzes residential excavations in the Mixtequilla area of Veracruz, Mexico. (2001 Classic Period Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico: Diachronic Inferences from Residential Investigations, ed. by B.L. Stark. Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, Monograph 12, The University at Albany, N.Y. )

Blanco River Irrigation District Maps (2012)

IMAGE [ID: 379007] Barbara Stark.

Rio Blanco irrigation district maps were scanned for use in GIS programs for the Proyecto Arqueologico La Mixtequilla. Not all the irrigation district maps were copied by xerox for this endeavor. There are additional maps held by the irrigation district offices. The irrigation district is part of the Comision del Papaloapan.

Ceramic balls from PALM survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380640] Barbara Stark.

This file contains data on ceramic balls (usually whole or major part) collected during survey. Data from clay balls observed but not collected have not yet been added to the file. These artifacts are thought to have been used in construction.

Ceramic disks from the PALM project (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380644] Barbara Stark.

This file contains information on perforated and non-perforated ceramic disks from the PALM project survey and excavation.

Ceramic wheels from PALM survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380641] Barbara Stark.

This file contains information about ceramic wheels (for wheeled "toys") from PALM survey.

Chert and obsidian bifacial tool attributes, definitions used by AJ Vonarx (2012)

DOCUMENT [ID: 380999] Uploaded by: Barbara Stark

This file lists and defines the attributes used by AJ Vonarx in coding obsidian and chert bifacial tools from PALM survey. This file is only partially complete at the time of upload.

Chert artifacts from PALM 1 (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380675] Barbara Stark.

This dataset records information about chert artifacts recovered during PALM 1 (1984-1989).

Chert artifacts from PALM 2 survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380676] Barbara Stark.

This file contains information on chert artifacts recovered during PALM 2 survey (1998-2002).

Chert tool attributes, PALM project (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380677] Barbara Stark.

This file contains chert tool attributes recorded by A.J. Vonarx for her University of Arizona Master's thesis research.

Cia. Mexicana de Aerofoto Aerial Mosaics of Lower Papaloapan Basin (1969)

IMAGE [ID: 379057] Barbara Stark.

Aerial mosaics of the lower Papaloapan basin were created for the Comision del Papaloapan by the Cia. Mexicana de Aerofoto, which has since gone out of business. Their negatives and any remaining prints appear to have been lost, or at least are in an unknown location. Prints were purchased covering the western lower Papaloapan area and used in archaeological survey 1986-1988. Subsequently, survey was conducted with Irrigation District maps or GPS. These scans function as archival records of...

Feature information from PALM survey through 2002 (2012)

DATASET [ID: 379058] Barbara Stark.

This excel file contains information about the archaeological features recorded in survey from 1986 to 2002. The variables are described in a separate document: mcolvars.doc. A collection number is based on the feature number. Any additional collection from a feature was given a separate number, normally in the 900s.

Feature variables for PALM survey, definitions (2012)

DOCUMENT [ID: 379059] Barbara Stark.

This document file describes the variables in the mndallto02.xls file.

Field and Laboratory notes and records for Patarata excavations, 1968-69 (2012)

DOCUMENT [ID: 379120] Barbara Stark.

These scans are of the original field and laboratory records from excavations in 1968-1969 on Patarata Island, Veracruz, Mexico, reported in a monograph published by Vanderbilt University.

Figurines from PALM survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380635] Barbara Stark.

This file contains tallies of figurines according to feature number or Isolated Find (IF) number. The figurine classification is described in the figurine codebook. Note that if the figurine was an IF, the collection/feature number is entered as missing data (all 9s).

Ground stone artifacts from PALM survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380567] Barbara Stark.

This file tabulates ground stone artifacts from PALM survey, excluding Isolated Finds (IFs).

INEGI Maps (2012)

IMAGE [ID: 378997] Barbara Stark.

These INEGI maps were scanned for use in GIS programs for the Proyecto Arqueologico La Mixtequilla.

Introduction to the Proyecto Arqueologico La Mixtequilla (PALM) and Related Projects (2013)

DOCUMENT [ID: 378815] Barbara Stark.

This document introduces the project, funding sources, history, personnel, and publications. It serves as an introduction to the other closely related projects in the Western Lower Papaloapan Archaeology Collection.

Kevin Johns Masters Paper (2003)

DOCUMENT [ID: 378974] Kevin Johns.

This is Kevin Johns' masters paper. It addressees ball courts using data from Barbara Stark's Proyecto Archaeologico La Mixtequilla in the western lower Papaloapan basin. The MA title is "Courting Power: The Role of the Ballgame in the Western Lower Papaloapan Basin, Veracruz, Mexico."

Mark Brodbeck 1993 Master's Paper (1993)

DOCUMENT [ID: 378962] Mark Brodbeck.

Title: " The role of domestic prismatic blade use in the social development of La Mixtequilla, Veracruz, Mexico." The master's research evaluated the degree of use wear on a sample of prismatic blades from the region.

Miscellaneous Ceramic Artifacts from PALM survey (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380566] Barbara Stark.

This file records ceramic artifacts other than vessels. The artifacts derive from survey and the feature number of the collection is indicated.

Neil Miller's 2006 Master's Paper (2006)

DOCUMENT [ID: 379056] Neil Miller.

Neil Miller's masters' paper, "Figurines and Middle to Late Postclassic Changes in the Western Lower Papaloapan Basin (A.D. 1200-1521)," examines figurine styles for the Mixtequilla area, Cotaxtla, and the Central Highlands during the Late Postclassic period to evaluate evidence of different identities.

Non-rim sherds from PALM survey features (2012)

DATASET [ID: 379033] Barbara Stark.

Non-rim sherds are entered according to feature number of the collection and pottery classification category. While all rims were collected, non-rims were collected only if decorated or showing unusual form information, such as supports, handles, or appliques.

Obsidian and chert, guide to files (2012)

DATASET [ID: 380913] Barbara Stark.

This excel file lists obsidian and chert files with basic data, along with comments about contents.

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