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Cultural Resources Survey and Testing at The Ponds (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Inna Burns. Allison Wind. Autumn Morrison.

"Brockington and Associates, Inc., conducted an intensive cultural resources survey of 1,126 acres of The Ponds, located northwest of Summerville, Dorchester County, South Carolina, in May through September 2005. These investigations involved background research, architectural survey, systematic shovel testing, and visual inspection of the entire tract. Archaeologists returned to conduct test investigations at portions of sites 38DR177 and 38DR239 in January and February 2006. This work was...

Cultural Resources Survey of the Morgan Tract (2008)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Erik Mischker. Inna Burns. Damon Jackson.

"Investigators identified 14 sites (38JA410–38JA423) and 11 isolated finds (Isolates 1–11) during the survey of the Morgan Tract. We recommend sites 38JA410–38JA415, 38JA417, and 38JA420–38JA423 and Isolates 1–11 not eligible for the NRHP. No further management consideration of sites 38JA410–38JA415, 38JA417, and 38JA420–38JA423 and the isolated finds is warranted. Although we recommend the site containing a cemetery (38JA421) not eligible for the NRHP, ground disturbance in and near the...

''Meet, O Lord, On the Milk-White Horse'' Archaeological Data Recovery at Rephraim Plantation sites 38BU1385 and 38BU1803 (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Pat Hendrix. Charles F. Phillips Jr.. Johshua N. Fletcher. Connie Huddleston. Alana Lynch.

Brockington and Associates, Inc., conducted archaeological data recovery investigations at sites 38BU1385 and 38BU1803 between 27 January and 14 February 2003. Archaeological sites 38BU1385 and 38BU1803 are located in the Palmetto Bluff Phase I Development Tract, Beaufort County, South Carolina. These investigations were conducted under the Treatment Plan (approved by the South Carolina Department of Archives and History) in partial fulfillment of the stipulations of a Memorandum of...