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Avon Park AFR Architectural and General Base History
PROJECT Avon Park Air Force Range. Park T. DeVane. Kelly Nolte. US Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District. Virgil Roy Beasley. Marsha Prior. United States Air Force History Office and Museums Program.

This project contains documents relating to both the architectural and the general history of the Avon Park Air Force Range. The documents range from amateur histories of the air force range to Historic American Engineering Record-like documentation.

Howdy Podner! The Strange Story of Soda Bottles on a Cold War Battlefield in Southern Nevada (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Levi Keach.

In 2016, Desert Research Institute archaeologists identified 26NY15768, an artifact scatter consisting primarily of Vegas Vic brand root beer bottles dating to 1953. 26NY15768 is located in Frenchman Flat on the Nevada National Security Site, known as the Nevada Proving Grounds at the time of deposition. The Nevada National Security Site, under various names, has served as the United States’ continental nuclear test site since it was withdrawn from the Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range at the...

Initial Deepwater Archaeological Survey and Assessment of the Atomic Target Vessel US Independence (CVL22) (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only James Delgado. Kelley Elliott. Frank Cantelas. Robert Schwemmer.

A ‘cruise of opportunity’ provided by The Boeing Company, which wished to conduct a deepwater survey test of their autonomous underwater vehicle, Echo Ranger, resulted in the first archaeological survey of the scuttled aircraft carrier, USS Independence, in the waters of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary in March 2015.  While a preliminary effort, and not comprehensive, the survey confirmed that a feature charted at the location was Independence, and provided details on the condition of the...

Military Historic Context Emphasizing the Cold War Including the Identification and Evaluation of Above Ground Cultural Resources for Thirteen Department of Defense Installations in the State of Georgia (2006)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kelly Nolte. Mark A. Steinback.

Panamerican Consultants Inc. (Panamerican) was contracted by Fort Benning Military Reservation and the Department of Defense Legacy Resources Management Program to develop an historic context emphasizing the Cold War for thirteen Department of Defense (DoD) installations in the state of Georgia, which included the identification and evaluation of above ground cultural resources (e.g., infrastructure, landscape and buildings/structures). The thirteen installations included in this investigation...

Protest Graffiti at the Historic Nevada Peace Camp (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Harold Drollinger. Lauren W. Falvey. Colleen Beck.

The Peace Camp, near the Nevada National Security Site, is the location where protesters have gathered for several decades to voice their opposition to nuclear testing and environmental issues. This National Register eligible property contains an abundance of archaeological features, such as rock cairns, tent pads, sweat lodges, and geoglyphs. Associated with these features are two concrete highway drainage tunnels that served as a passageway and a place of respite from the desert conditions. In...

"Somewhere in No-Man’s Land": Army Camp Hanford and America’s Defense Program (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Margaret R Clark.

For four decades, Hanford reactors produced plutonium, generating the fuel for America’s first atomic bombs. In 1950, as the Arms Race increased, the Department of Defense established Anti-Aircraft Artillery sites throughout Hanford to protect the nation’s top secret nuclear facilities. Under the Army’s command, these AAA batteries, base camps and battalion headquarters were home to the men that were "the last defense." This paper will present the historical artifacts recovered from a refuse...