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Artifact Catalog, Second Quarter Site Assessments, Fort Lee (2011)
DATASET Fort Lee Regional Archaeological Curation Facility.

This artifact catalog contains results from a second quarter site assessment carried out in 2011 for six different sites within the boundaries of Fort Lee, Virginia. The sights assessed include: 44PG195, 44PG196, 44PG251, 44PG164, 44PG169 and 44PG240. The material types collected during the survey were chipped stone and cord-marked ceramic sherds. The artifacts date to the Prehistoric period.

FY11 2nd Quarter Site Updates, Fort Lee (FL2011.014)
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This project contains an artifact catalog and survey photographs from the examination of multiple sites during second quarter site updates, fiscal year 2011, at Fort Lee, Virginia.

Survey Photographs, Site 44PG160, Fort Lee (2011)
IMAGE Fort Lee Regional Archaeological Curation Facility.

This record contains survey photographs associated with the second quarter site assessment of 44PG160, located at Fort Lee, Virginia. The assessment and photographs were taken during fiscal year 2011.