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"Comanche Land and Ever Has Been": An Indigenous Model of Persistence (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lindsay Montgomery.

In 1844, the Comanche leader Mopechucope signed a treaty with the state of Texas, in which he described central and western Texas as "Comanche land and ever has been" (Gelo 2000: 274; Dorman and Day 1995: 8). Mopechucope’s understanding of Comanche history lies in stark contrast to the narratives of terra nullius and cultural decline found in colonial documents and reified in anthropological and historical scholarship. Drawing on an indigenous understanding of history and place-making this paper...

On the War Machine (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Severin Fowles.

This paper takes up the writings of Clastres, Deleuze and Guattari on the core premise that war is a driving sociological principle in societies that have successfully opposed the development of state organization. My first goal is an attempt at clarification: if predatory military exploits are involved in the consolidation of most, if not all, states, what did Clastres mean when, in contrast, he wrote about the centrifugal logic of the war machine in non-state societies? My second goal is to...

US Army National Guard Cultural Resources Planning Level Survey - Texas (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Lara S. Anderson.

In April 1998, St. Louis District personnel visited the Adjutant General’s Department of Texas (AGTX) at Camp Mabry, the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory, and the Texas Historical Commission in Austin to research archaeological and historic buildings survey work conducted on Army National Guard facilities in the state. This document reports the history of cultural investigations on federally owned or supported Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG) facilities, lists archaeological sites and...

US Army National Guard Cultural Resources Planning Level Survey - Wyoming (1998)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Kate Schaumann. Major William H. Saunders Saunders.

This document reports the history of cultural resource inventories and historic properties evaluations on WY ARNG facilities, lists archaeological sites a historic buildings recorded within facility boundaries, discusses historic contexts and provides a list of Native American tribes that the Wyoming State Historical Preservation Office (WYSHPO) says may be culturally affiliated to archaeological sites, historic properties or collections. All artifacts collected by the WY ARNG's contractors were...