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From Household to Polity: (Dis)integration along the Ucí-Cansahcab Causeway in the Northern Maya Lowlands (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Barry Kidder. Scott Hutson. Jacob Welch. Daniel Vallejo-Cáliz. Shannon Plank.

Over the past decade, the Ucí-Cansahcab Regional Integration Project (UCRIP) has utilized multiples scales of analysis, from broad household excavations to large swathes of LiDAR collection, to examine the social processes of community (dis)integration of a polity in the northern Maya Lowlands. This polity, headed by Ucí, was integrated by an 18-km-long inter-site causeway system by the Terminal Preclassic and connected the emerging regional capital with three secondary sites. Extensive test...

Integrating and Disintegrating the North Acropolis of Yaxuna, Yucatan, Mexico. (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Nelda Marengo.

The North Acropolis of Yaxuna was the primary focus of ritual and administrative life at the site during the Classic period and functioned as a focal point for involving the local population in integrative activities. Yet architectural evidence suggests that this architectural complex changed in function over the course of its use. The acropolis was first built in the Late Formative and was modified up until the Late Postclassic. We argue that the changes we see in the architecture in this...

The Multi-Kiva Site: A new perspective on the Pueblo III period occupation of the middle Little Colorado River valley (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Krystal Britt. Richard Lange.

Previous research in the middle Little Colorado River valley of Northern Arizona has characterized the Pueblo III period (1125-1275 C.E.) as dominated by dispersed pithouse villages which were later replaced by the aggregated cluster of masonry pueblos at Homol’ovi. Recent survey and excavation in this region shed new light on the occupation and land use of the middle Little Colorado River valley prior to Pueblo IV. The landscape is dotted with mid-sized pueblos that may have acted as...

Not Quite Coalesced: Salado Settlements in the Upper Gila (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jeffery Clark. Katherine Dungan. Leslie Aragon.

Most 14th-century Salado settlements in the Upper Gila watershed are comprised of separate room blocks in both planned and ad hoc configurations. These spatial arrangements suggest that integration, and by extension coalescence, was never fully achieved despite occupation spans of more than a century. This poster examines ceramic and other material culture variability among room blocks within four settlements to identify social and cultural differences that persisted until depopulation in the...