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Ancient DNA Studies of Domesticated Cattle in Northern China (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Xin Zhao. Dongya Yang. Jing Yuan. Xiaoling Dong. Hui Zhou.

This study aims to use ancient DNA techniques to characterize the genetic features of ancient domesticated cattle in order to trace the origin and spread of cattle in ancient China from eight Late Neolithic and Bronze Age sites in Northern China. DNA was successfully extracted from ancient cattle bone or tooth samples in dedicated ancient DNA labs following vigorous protocols for contamination controls. This study was focused on amplifying mitochondrial D-loop using standard PCR techniques....

Niche construction of agricultural communities in the Yiluo and Guanzhong regions of northern China in the Mid-Holocene (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Gyoung-Ah Lee.

Through a lens of niche construction perspective, this paper examines evolving enterprise of plant managements in different ecological and cultural contexts in Mid-Holocene China. Along a stretch of the Yellow River, bulging communities, facing different challenges of changing climates and ecological constraints, constructed agricultural and socially intertwined niches. Multiple Yangshao communities in the Yiluo valley and those in Guanzhong Plain are such examples. Drastically different from...

Shimao: the Prehistoric Pioneer of Rising States in Northern China (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Xiangming Dai.

In ancient China, a number of ethnic groups and polities rose and declined in northern China. The competition and wars between these frontier polities and Central-Plain dynasties occurred frequently in Chinese history. A series of new archaeological discoveries in recent years have revealed that Shimao was the first state-level society emerging in northern China. The Shimao social group was mainly distributed in the Ordos region, where the social complexity experienced a leaping development in...