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Chincha Farmers: Understanding Inca expansion, strategies, and motivations at Las Huacas, Chincha Valley (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jordan Dalton.

The Inca Empire was the largest empire in the New World and its ability to expand relied upon the flexibility and diversity of its methods. In some regions the Inca used force and installed their own loyal members imposing a direct rule; in other regions, local administrative structure and elite groups were kept largely intact. The Chincha Kingdom has often been cited as a prime example of Inca diplomacy and peaceful incorporation, whereby the Inca gained access to the Chincha Kingdom’s...

Excavations at Huaca Soto: 2000 Years of Ritual Reuse at a Paracas Platform Mound, Chincha, Peru (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Benjamin Nigra.

Huaca Soto is one of the best preserved pre-Columbian platform mounds in the Chincha Valley and perhaps the largest standing example of Paracas monumental architecture on the south coast. Excavation in the huaca’s western-most sunken court in 2014 yielded a sequence of ritual deposition stretching from the Paracas Formative through the Inka Period. While the mound’s substructure and earliest occupation levels are squarely associated with Paracas post-fire resin painted wares and architectural...

Mito y rito, en tanto política y gobierno, en la costa de los Andes Centrales durante el Tawantinsuyu (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Javier I. Alcalde Gonzales.

Las formaciones sociales de carácter imperial se articulan desde sus propias dinámicas, reproducidas desde sus relaciones y su territorio. Estos mecanismos deben ir reformulándose en el proceso de expansión, integrando las dinámicas sometidas políticamente, desarrollándolas y transformándolas, originando nuevas formas políticas dentro los antiguos procesos regionales y en el propio centro imperial. El caso particular del Tawantinsuyu parece generar tres tradiciones integradoras diferenciadas, y...