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Best Practices and Community Engagement for Reinternment of CA-LAn-270 (Los Altos Village) Cultural Materials on a National Registry Listed Site (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Candice Brennan. Jennifer McElhoes. Cindi Alvitre. Carl Lipo.

Within the core of NAGPRA is a spirit of collaboration and consultation between institutions, investigators and native communities. At CSULB, we have partnered with Tongva/San Gabrielino community members and university administration to reinter cultural remains from CA-LAn-270 (Los Altos Village Site), a site excavated in the 1950s. Community interests have centered on placing the re-interment place on university campus property and at a location of CA-LAn-234, a National Register listed...

Best Practices for Managing UCH on the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Dave Ball.

Located along the western boundary of the continental United States, the Pacific Outer Continental Shelf holds a vast array of potential archaeological and historic resources, resources which must be considered during the federal permitting process for offshore renewable energy.  In order to better manage these resources and take into account potential adverse effects that could occur as a result of offshore renewable energy development, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is undertaking a...

Database Creation for the Legacy Collection of Hannastown (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Timothy A. Carn.

The rapid technological advances in digital computing of the preceding fifty years have allowed for an ever increasing complex analysis of archaeological assemblages. For those working with legacy collections curated before the advent of personal computing, the task of digitizing and formatting data into a usable form while also insuring against the same obsolescence that is being corrected can be daunting. The Applied Archaeology program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania takes a...

A Vital Legacy Enriching Future Generations of Americans: Some Reflections on Contributions of Stephen R. Potter, PhD. (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Virginia Busby.

The future of Historical Archaeology, cultural resource management, and the National Park Service are richer because of the contributions of Stephen R. Potter including his encyclopedic knowledge, robust research and syntheses, indefatigable energy, and his ability to partner, share, and support growth of the field, individual researchers, and public experiences and understandings.  Beneficial outcomes of his NHPA Section 110 management studies along the C&O Canal include his support of...

The Wide and Wonderful World of Digital Archaeology in Cultural Resource Management (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Russell Alleen-Willems.

Archaeologists in Cultural Resource Management (CRM) adopt digital tools to improve both the efficiency and quality of our work. While archaeologists have often adopted new tools, technology like digital tablets, user-friendly databases, 3D scanning/modeling/visualization tools, and accessible media like blogs and podcasts provide new opportunities to greatly expand the extent and speed of data collection, as well as the ways archaeologists may disseminate both data and research results. For...