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Comparative Ecodynamics of North Atlantic Islands: A progress report (2016)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 403154] Ramona Harrison. Thomas H. McGovern. George Hambrecht.

Support from US, Canadian, Scandinavian, and UK funding bodies 2007-16 has made possible a sustained multi-investigator multi-regional interdisciplinary series of investigations of the offshore islands of the North Atlantic (Faroes, Iceland, Greenland) coordinated by the NABO research cooperative. These islands were connected by Viking Age migrations from mainland Scandinavia and the British Isles, and the diverse fates of their human populations during the Middle Ages and Early Modern periods...

Environmental change and the social context of human adaptation strategies during the Archaic Period in the Caribbean (2016)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 403652] Isabel Rivera-Collazo.

The connection between environmental change and social response is complex because change occurs on multiple inter-related factors, human decisions are filtered by social buffers, and the rate and scale of environmental change differs from scale of human decision-making. In this presentation I consider the rate of coastal landscape change before the mid-Holocene affecting human settlement patterns in the Caribbean, evaluate traditional settlement patterns in the context of maritime culture, and...

Exploring the limits of the island Anthropocene: the Norse colonisation of Greenland in an Atlantic context. (2017)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 430799] Andrew Dugmore. Jette Arneborg. Christian Madsen. Tom McGovern. Rowan Jackson.

The medieval Norse colonisation of Greenland was unique, but we can use this completed experiment to explore key drivers of, and limits to, the ‘island Anthropocene’. The indigenous biota of Greenland while sensitive, lacks the fragility of small, isolated low latitude oceanic islands rich in endemic species. The timing of Norse settlement was determined by the patterns and process of island colonisation to the east combined with a suitable environmental and economic window of opportunity. The...

The Gásir Market and the Möðruvellir Farm: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to the History of Human Ecodynamics in High Medieval Iceland (2015)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 397011] Ramona Harrison. Árni Daníel Júlíusson.

This paper reconciles the results of the long-term Gásir and Hinterlands Project with the underpinnings of historical research of the area. The harbor and trade site complex at Gásir and the monastic estate at Möðruvellir were central areas in the region. Zooarchaeological/environmental data from these sites and hinterlands sites suggest that Hörgá Valley as closest supplier of animal products, may have changed its livestock management strategies, potentially to partake in increasing...

Modelling climate impacts on human societies and marine fisheries in central Polynesia (2016)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 403141] Melinda Allen. Alex Morrison. Andrew McAlister.

The effects of past climate change on Polynesian societies are poorly understood, in part because detailed palaeoclimate records have been lacking. Drawing on recently assembled palaeoclimate observations from across central Polynesia, along with those from realistically forced climate simulations, we assess how climate variability affected marine fisheries and long-term trends in harvesting practices. Little Ice Age (ca. 1400-1800 AD) conditions are modelled for central Polynesia focusing on...

NABO Artifacts

PROJECT [ID: 398526] Uploaded by: Aaron Kendall

Project for artifact data from Norse sites across the North Atlantic islands, including Iceland, Greenland, and Shetland.

The Orkney Islands: Long-Term Human Ecodynamics and Enduring Culture (2015)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 397018] Ruth Maher. Julie Bond. Stephen Dockrill. Julie Gibson. Jane Downes.

The Orkney Isles of Scotland, though greatly impacted by environmental shifts, are remarkably resilient and have a 5,000+, long-term occupation sequence. There has been a concerted effort by many researchers to study Orkney’s past in order to help Orkney move forward in the face of current sea-level rise and changing social identities. Current archaeological research is shedding light on land- and sea- scapes of power and monuments of control, social identity through burials & settlement...

Sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) and Human Ecodynamics at Tse-whit-zen and the Salish Sea (2017)

Citation DOCUMENT [ID: 430203] Reno Nims. Virginia L. Butler.

Zooarchaeological evidence from Tse-whit-zen indicates that juvenile sablefish, or black cod (Anoplopoma fimbria), played an important role in the village’s economy for ~2,200 years, but sablefish is scarcely mentioned in previous Northwest Coast archaeological research. The near-total absence of this species from other coastal sites in the Salish Sea cannot be explained by post-depositional destruction, screen size, sample size, or differences in zooarchaeological identification criteria. Thus,...

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