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Emerald Bay Project: Digital Monitoring of the Two 19th-century Submerged Barges (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Piotr T Bojakowski. Katie Bojakowski. Perry Naughton. Michael Bianco. Antonella Wilby.

Excavated and recorded in 1989-1990, the two 19th-century submerged barges of the Emerald Bay require continuous attention and monitoring. Located along the south-west shoreline of the Lake Tahoe, California, the barges are of a considerable archaeological, historical, and recreational significance in the area. As they are also part of the interpreted shipwreck site within the California State Parks system, the goal of this 2014 survey was to perform a non-disturbance assessment of the site to...

Ethical practice, digital technologies and historical archaeology in NSW, Australia. (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Sarah M. Colley.

The NSW Archaeology Online (NSW AOL) Project (2009-13) is Co-Directed by Sarah Colley and Martin Gibbs and is the first sustainable digital archive of archaeological information developed in Australia. The project involves collaboration with the University of Sydney Library, the Archaeology of Sydney Research Group and local professional historical archaeologists with funding from a NSW state heritage grant. NSW AOL is configured to support full-text search and display and will soon provides...

Immersive Technology as Meaningful Interpretation and Public Discourse for Archaeology and History (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Thomas Whitley.

We are surrounded these days by endless digital online content that interprets historical and/or archaeological materials for the general public. The resolution and amount of this content is increasing more rapidly than the ripeness of a banana in a brown paper bag. But in many ways, this material seems to represent only the objectives of the archaeologists or historians involved. Being able to digitally re-create, or interpret, the past in new and exciting ways is obviously a good thing. But...

A matter of priorities: making a future for digital scan data (2016)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Rachel Opitz.

PDF of slides presented at the 2016 Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

Taking Tech on the Road: Mobile Makerspaces and Archaeological Engagement (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Mary Compton. Ryan Hunt. Kimberly Martin.

This poster introduces a London, Ontario-based initiative called the Digital Humanities MakerBus, a school bus converted into an innovative classroom, laboratory, and creative play space. The purpose of the project is to provide access to digital technologies and other hands-on resources to community groups wherever they may be located. Although the project has been wildly interdisciplinary since its inception and was not conceived of with any specific disciplinary purpose in mind, our team...