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Casselden Place Archaeological Excavations
PROJECT Uploaded by: Penny Crook

The Casselden Place Archaeological Excavations (50 Lonsdale Street) were conduced in two stages in May-July and November-December 2002 by Godden Mackay Logan, Austral Archaeology and the Archaeology Program at La Trobe University. The site is located in the eastern end of Melbourne CBD in the infamous 'Little Lon' precinct—an area that acquired a reputation in the 19th and early-20th centuries for squalor and vice. The site revealed evidence of Melbourne's earliest phases of settlement and...

Casselden Place Archaeological Excavations - Research Archive Report (2004)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Godden Mackay Logan. Austral Archaeology. La Trobe University.

Four volume report providing a comprehensive record of the archaeological excavation including trench reports, artefact reports, appendices.

Casselden Place Artefact catalogue (2004)
DATASET La Trobe University. Godden Mackay Logan. Austral Archaeology.

Artefact catalogue produced following the Casselden Place excavation.

Casselden Place Images (2004)
IMAGE Rudy Frank. La Trobe University. Ming Wei.

Selection of photographs from the Casselden Place assemblage. A total of 2,500 images were taken.

"When Hungate Was Taken Down.........." – Solid And Ephemeral: The Dichotomy At The Heart Of The Archaeology Of Clearance In 1930s York. (2018)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Peter A. Connelly.

In the early 1930s the Hungate district of York had become renowned as an area of dilapidated buildings and people living in poverty. In parallel to this the York Corporation had embarked on a new housing programme. This new programme required tenants and in an act of self fulfilling prophecy this process drove the demolition of Hungate. This act of clearance is solidly defined in the archaeology, through the remains of levelled buildings and rubble. However, the act of demolition is fleeting...