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Coal, Iron and Salt across the North Sea: technological transfer in the 'long Industrial Revolution' (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only David Cranstone.

Panhouse saltrmaking, using coal fuel and large iron pans, was one of the first industrial-scale manufacturing processes.  Its origins, in Scotland in the 15th century, can be traced to a combination of British coal-mining and -burning expertise with Scandinavian ironmaking technology; the possible role of Cistercian monastic organisation in this process will also be explored.  These developments formed an important stage in the development of coal-based industrialisation in its its wider...

The looming question of housing the workforce: early workers' housing in the Derwent Valley (2017)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Suzanne Lilley.

Often cited as the archetypical expression of industrial accommodation, textile workers’ housing has provided a lens through which the social effects of industrialisation have been examined. Such houses have often been interpreted as either exploitative hovels or wholesome patronly investments. Within this polarizing discourse, the lived experiences of occupants frequently remains divorced from analysis of form and function.    Using a buildings-led approach, this paper investigates workers’...

Time, Discipline and Punishment: Private and state capitalism in northern Sweden in the seventeenth century (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Jonas Nordin.

In the seventeenth century the Danish and Swedish states strengthened their control over the northernmost areas of Fenno-Scandinavia: Sápmi. Borders were constructed, market-places founded and the Lutheran Church gained a firm foothold through mission and the founding new churches. A main force in this development was the hunger for the regions resources, such as pearls, furs, precious stones and metals. Through landscape analysis and the study the material remains of several sites, spatial...