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The 7,000 Foot Wreck – An Archaeological Investigation of a Historic Shipwreck Discovered in the Gulf of Mexico (2013)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert Westrick.

The 7,000 Foot Wreck is the remains of a historic sailing vessel lost in the Gulf of Mexico.  The site lies at a depth of 7,450 feet (2,271 meters) and represents one of the deepest historic shipwrecks investigated in the GOM to date.  The wreck was originally discovered during an oil and gas exploration deep tow survey in 1986.  In September 2009 the first ROV investigation of the 7,000 Foot Wreck was conducted as part of the Lophelia II: Rigs, Reefs, and Wrecks Study.  Over a roughly 15½-hour...

A Puzzle from the Deep: The Mystery of the Empty 19th Century Shipwrecks in the Gulf of Mexico (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Alicia Caporaso.

An intriguing mystery has presented itself in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM): the discovery of several 19th century shipwrecks apparently bare of portable artifacts. Improved technology has, in the past decade, allowed for cheaper and safer production of oil in the deep waters of the GOM. Under the direction of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, companies are required to conduct high-resolution geophysical surveys of their leases in advance of bottom disturbance. This has resulted in the discovery...