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Not Just Fun and Games: Hacking Archaeology Education (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Karen B Wehner.

21st-century communication technologies bridge previously unimaginable spatial, cultural, and ideological gaps, without providing young learners with the rational and emotional tools they need to participate in a global society. With its multicultural perspective on the human condition across time and space, historical archaeology is uniquely equipped to fill this void. But the current state of public education ensures that today’s youth are unlikely to get that opportunity, unless we bring it...

The Phoenix Project: Applications of Gamification for Online Civic Engagement (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Robert C Bryant. Jeffrey Glover. Ian Johnson.

The MARTA collection, held by Georgia State University, is a large body of legacy archaeological data collected in the late 1970s that documents the history of Atlanta.  The current Phoenix project is building on those original efforts and represents an ideal opportunity to explore new praxis-oriented methodologies by making the collection easily accessible to the public as an example of civic engagement through community archaeology outreach. Key to this civic engagement is the digitization of...

What's So Different About Public History? (2015)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Kristen Baldwin Deathridge.

When historical archaeologists discuss public archaeology, does their use of "public" imply the same things as intended by public historians? As more archaeology undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in public history coursework (and public history students enrolled in archaeology courses), how is this relevant to their training? This paper will provide a brief review of public history’s development as a distinct field, noting current trends in civic engagement. It discusses the...