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Freedom Come: The Archaeology of Postemancipation Life in Dominica (2017)

Citation DOCUMENT Khadene K Harris.

Archaeological interest in postemancipation life on plantations has received significantly less attention than those dating before emancipation. The resulting neglect misses several opportunities to unveil the complexities of postemancipation social and economic life and the impact of full freedom on the material and spatial practices of formerly enslaved individuals. I show how both planters and free people reorganized their physical surroundings and what this reorganization can reveal about...

Navigating Freedom: Examining the Impact of Emancipation on the African American community in Orange County, Virginia (2015)

Citation DOCUMENT Stefan F. Woehlke.

A comparative study of late antebellum slave quarters with the homes of newly freed African Americans provides insights into the dramatic impact of emancipation on the African American community in Orange County, Virginia. This paper outlines initial observations from past and present excavations at James Madison's Montpelier that focus on the Post-Madison era. It also outlines the approach for additional research, including excavations, oral histories, and the incorporation of ecological models...

Arizona State University The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation National Science Foundation National Endowment for the Humanities Society for American Archaeology Archaeological Institute of America