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Artifacts of Agency, Status, and Empowerment: Colonoware, Crystals, Wig Hair Curlers (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Laura Galke.

Section 110 archaeological investigations at Manassas National Battlefield Park (MANA) sparked breakthroughs in the recognition of quartz crystal caches and the meaning of colonoware: contributions which continue to shape historical archaeology. These categories of material culture have become emblems for spirited discussions about the dimensions of meaning, identity, and agency. The corpus of work from MANA continues to influence and contribute to understanding multivariate dimensions of...

From Algonquians to Appomattox: The Contributions of Stephen Potter to Potomac Archeology (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only karen mudar.

Dr. Stephen Potter, National Park Service National Capital Region Regional Archeologist, will retire in 2016, after 39 years of service. During his tenure, he saw to implementation of many archeological projects, including a nine year project to identify and document archeological resources along the entire 184 mile length of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP. Potter is also a noted writer. Commoners, Tribute, and Chiefs: Development of Algonquian Culture in the Potomac Valley is the first...

Rhyolite, Charcoal and Whiskey: The Archaeology of Catoctin Mountain Park (2016)
DOCUMENT Citation Only Lisa Kraus. Jason Shellenhamer.

Catoctin Mountain has always been a challenging landscape, but one that rewards perseverance. Native Americans negotiated its rocky slopes in search of rhyolite for stone tools, and hunted and camped along the freshwater streams and springs. Workers from the nearby Catoctin Iron Furnace burned its ample timber for charcoal to fuel the ironworks. Innovative farmers and homebuilders created flat terraces for their houses and gardens on the mountainside. During the Prohibition era, some of the...