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Archaeological Data Recovery of AZ N:4:110(ASM) at Grey Fox Ridge, Cottonwood, Yavapai County, Arizona (2011)
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This document presents the results of archaeological data recovery investigations at Site AZ N:4:110(ASM) within the private development known as Grey Fox Ridge. EnviroSystems Management, Inc. conducted the work at the request of the property owner who needed to mitigate the adverse effects to the site resulting from land development. The site is approximately one-half mile northwest of downtown old Cottonwood and one-quarter mile southwest of the Verde River in Yavapai County, Arizona. The...

Grey Fox Ridge Data Recovery
PROJECT Lynn Neal. Stewart Deats.

Site AZ N:4:110(ASM) was a small pit house site that underwent data recovery excavation in compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. This project folder contains only the final project report. The analyses of ceramics, flaked stone, ground stone, and veretebrate fauna are presented in the project report along with architectural, radiocarbon dating, pollen, macrobotanical, shell, mineral, and historical artifact information. This information is synthesized and used...