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Artifact & Excavation Photographs,Site 18HA242, Aberdeen Proving Ground (2003)
IMAGE Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory.

Photographs taken of artifacts collected from Site 18HA242 and and test units dug as part of a Phase I investigation of Site 18HA242, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. In addition, there are photographs of a chain and stove door from the site that was conserved at the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory. Photographs of the conservation process can be found in PDF format as part of the '1996.041 APG Supplemental Cultural Resource Management Plan, Spesutie Island, Aberdeen Proving...

The Dolores Archaeological Program
PROJECT Robert A. Bye. Christine K. Robinson. David A. Breternitz. Allen E. Kane. Steven E. James. Timothy A. Kohler. William D. Lipe. Bureau of Reclamation.

From 1978 until 1985 the University of Colorado contracted with the Bureau of Reclamation (Contract No. 8-07-40-S0562) to mitigate the adverse impact of a large water impoundment project on the cultural resources in the project area. This complex and evolving long-term mitigation plan known as the Dolores Archaeological Program (DAP) has been called a “truly unique chapter in American archaeology” (Breternitz 1993:118) and was applauded by Lipe (1998:2) for its ability to “increase the power and...

Maps (1985)
DATASET Uploaded by: Jesse Clark

A small percentage of the maps reproduced from field data can be found in the series of published DAP reports, but a much larger collection of original material can be accessed via the Anasazi Heritage Center, Colorado. The maps dataset allows users to easily know what maps are available for any provenience. Maps were sequentially numbered within each site and later classified as one of 47 taxa, according to the type of information the map was meant to convey. Documenting the contents of a site...

Phase I Investigation of Spesutie Island, Aberdeen Proving Ground (1996.041)
PROJECT Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Norfolk, VA.

This project contains photographs of excavation, artifacts and conservation efforts associated a Phase I investigation on Spesutie Island, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland . Images here of excavations are digital copies of photographs originally taken in 1993. The photographs are divided by site, with a Image Resource page for Site 18HA133 and another Image Resource page for Site 18HA242. Photographs of the conservation process of artifacts from Site 18HA242 are available as a single PDF.