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Archaeological Data Recovery at the Tortolita Vistas Site, AZ AA:12:271 (ASM): A Hohokam Fieldhouse in Marana, Pima County, Arizona (2005)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah Swartz.

Archaeological data recovery was conducted at the Tortolita Vistas site, AZ AA:12:271 (ASM), prior to construction of a housing development in Marana by Cottonwood Properties. This fieldhouse site is situated on the upper bajada of the Tortolita Mountains. A single pit structure and five extramural features were discovered and completely excavated: 2 roasting pits, 2 small extramural pits, and 1 trash concentration. No human remains were found. Ceramic analysis dates the site occupation to...

Archaeological Testing Results and Proposed Data Recovery Plan for AZ AA:12:271 (ASM), a Small Site on the Bajada of the Tortolita Mountains, Pima County, Arizona (2004)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Deborah L. Swartz.

At the request of Cottonwood Properties, Desert Archaeology, Inc., completed archaeological testing of a small site, AZ AA:12:271 (ASM), in the northern Tucson Basin. This project was conducted because surface artifacts were identified during a recent survey of the site area (Stephen 2003) even though the site was reportedly totally collected when it was initially recorded 22 years ago (Arizona State Museum [ASM] site files). The current project was designed to determine if subsurface...

Life in the Valley of Gold: Archaeological Investigations at Honey Bee Village, a Prehistoric Hohokam Ballcourt Village Part 1 (2012)
DOCUMENT Full-Text Uploaded by: Rachel Fernandez

Approximately 61 percent (74 percent if only the extant portions of the site are considered) of the 60.5-acre Hohokam settlement known as Honey Bee Village, AZ BB:9:88 (ASM) (Arizona State Museum site files designation) was mechanically tested and horizontally exposed during excavations in 2006-2007 by Desert Archaeology, Inc., under contract with Pima County and Rancho Vistoso Partners, LLC. Honey Bee Village is located in the Town of Oro Valley north of Tucson. The core of the village was...